Charitable donation

Many people decide to donate clothes when giving back to a charity. You’ll want to know that certain charities are able to collect household items in addition to clothing. Having multiple avenues to give back helps ensure you’re able to clear space in your home while helping those in need. Many people give back through their local GreenDrop location. GreenDrops works with the Military Order of the Purple Heart through collecting donations. The Purple Heart is a decoration given by the United States military to those who have been wounded or killed while serving their country. Here are three rooms that are great starting places to find household items to donate.

A Kitchen Holds Many Household Items

The kitchen inside of a home is a place made for entertaining and cooking meals. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that kitchens often fill with clutter over time. Many kitchen cabinets are filled with shelves of items that aren’t being used. You’ll commonly find pots, pans, and other cookware can take up space within a kitchen in a fast manner. It’s important to find items within the kitchen that are unused or gently used. Charities are appreciative of any items they receive. However, it’s helpful if a charity is able to do less tossing out and more sorting out items to help those in need.

Attics are Often Forgotten During a Home Search

Statistics show that the average person in the United States throws out nearly 82 pounds of textile waste per year. Textiles that are thrown out may have been able to help military families in need. In many cases, textiles that aren’t immediately thrown out end up in the attics of homes throughout the United States. An attic is one of the first places to look in order to find clothing and other items to donate. Attics often end up overfilled by homeowners looking to store items they don’t plan on using anytime soon. Many people feel relieved to clear out their attics while helping military families at the same time. Nearly 80% of all donated clothing in the United States either goes directly to the needy or is sold to fund further charitable efforts.

Garages Commonly Store Many Unused Items

Many people who plan on donating to charity will look within the same areas. After you’ve checked out closet and cabinets throughout your home, consider stepping into your garage. Certain items found within a typical garage work well as charitable donations. Many homeowners find it’s impossible to park vehicles within their garages due to the immense clutter these rooms contain. Clearing out your garage to find charitable donations helps military families while potentially increasing parking room. Garages are known to house chemicals and cleaners that aren’t wanted within the home. If possible, it’s best to thoroughly clean all donated items that come from the garage area of a house.

In summary, there are several uncommon areas of a home that might provide you with many items to donate to charity. Many charities are able to collect household items as well as clothing donations. You’ll find many donatable household items in the kitchen of your home. Kitchen items often receive a lot of wear, it’s important that you’re donating items that are still in somewhat good condition. Attics are often forgotten while homeowners collect items for their charitable donations. You’ll find that attics are filled with both household items and articles of clothing that are not being used. Many homeowners seek relief from the burden of clutter by storing items in a garage. You’ll typically find that garages are full of items that can help military families. Searching through your house for charitable donations clears clutter while providing items to those who need them the most.