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A lot of people complain about the amount of stuff inside their house but they never really do anything about it. They’ll whine about all the old clothes lying around and complain about all the junk that you have accumulated over the years. Here’s an idea: donate them to charity!

Charitable donations are easy to make and have so many benefits. To the pessimist, making charitable donations doesn’t do anything for them so their mentality is, “why should I?” Well, to the optimist, there are so many things that you can gain from donating to charity.

Here are a few known and unknown reasons why donating to charity can be great for you:

Clear Up Space

Families can certainly accumulate a whole bunch of junk over the years. You’ve probably bought hundreds of toys for your kids, pounds and pounds of clothes, garage sale junk, old random stuff from your college years and plenty more weird things are all scattered across your home. Making a few runs to a local charity drop-off can end up clearing out so much space in your home. You might even discover entire rooms that could never be accessed because of all the clutter. Clear out some stuff and use this newfound space for something more practical… or just a bunch of newer junk.

Helping Families in Need

Another reason why charitable donations are so great is because you’re actually making a difference for someone else. You might not be able to see where your clothing donations and other items are going, but just knowing that someone less fortunate is benefiting from your decision to donate can give you plenty of emotional benefits.

Save the Environment

Another benefit people don’t really associate donating with is preserving the environment. If you aren’t going to donate your clothing and old items, most people will probably just end up throwing them in the garbage. When that happens, textiles and other non-biodegradable items end up filling landfills and destroy the environment at a rapid rate. Donate these items so people less fortunate can use them instead of them just going to waste.

Better Your Life

You might not know it, but those small feelings of happiness you get after doing something good like donating an item of clothing or giving someone a spare dollar at the grocery store actually make you a happier a person. The science is there — being happier not only makes us, well, happier, but it also enhances our creativity, motivation, productivity, and critical thinking skills. Doing something as simple as donating to charity can change your world.