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Black friday video game

Anyone with even a passing interest knows that this is a big year for video game consoles. The Xbox One, the Xi3 Piston, and an android-based gaming console are all rumored to be ready to ship on or around November 29 this holiday season. Black Friday video games have always been a hallmark of one of the biggest shopping days of the year, as companies hope to make record sales in anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

Black Friday video game deals can be found at big retailers, like WalMart, and Best Buy, but also at video game stores like Game Stop, and there are even Black Friday video game sales from online retailers like Amazon. Whether you are an avid gamer like myself, with one of each console in your entertainment center and literally weeks of gaming under your belt, or a desperate mother just hoping to get her son the one game or console that he really wants this year, you could use some holiday shopping tips.

The first thing you should do is sign up ahead of time for news updates. Many retailers are sending daily deal reminders for their Black Friday promotions. Also, shopping Black Friday does not have to be a disaster if you do your research ahead of time. For example, here are some of the games that are rumored to be selected for deep discounts this Black Friday.

  • Assassins Creed II
  • Skylander Starter Pack
  • Wii Console
  • PlayStation 3 250GB Bundle
  • Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle
  • Xbox 360 Dance Bundle

Being prepared for what may and what might not be discounted is one part of surviving Black Friday. The other part is potentially splitting up the shopping list with someone who will cover the other stores that are selling the video games you are after. Remember that online retailers might offer a hassle-free alternative to fighting other desperate parents in the store aisles.

If you split up the list, sign up for notification of sales ahead of time, and strategically pick which games you will pursue in stores, and which ones you will look for online, you will be much more likely to get what you want from the Black Friday video game sales this year. The video game culture is growing, and as Microsoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo attempt to outdo each other this year in sales, it is the consumer that will really win when Black Friday rolls around.