Black friday video

Every year, thousands of shoppers flock to stores the day after Thanksgiving in seeking out the best deals of the year from participating retailers all over the country. Just search Black friday videos and you will see a vast amount of incredible footage of masses of people pushing their way towards the doors of their favorite stores and veritably sprinting to their desired deal.

This phenomenon has exploded in the last decade and in the past few years we are now seeing stores begin their deals an entire day earlier, sometimes before families are even done eating or watching the football game. It seems that the shopping frenzy begins earlier and earlier every Thanksgiving, and to stay on the cutting edge, stores have had to compensate by essentially requiring employees to arrive the evening before and to work through the next day. Any retail employee will tell you that it is all hands on deck for Black Friday and despite it being the most profitable single day of the year, it also is the most difficult and stressful day for retailers.

The internet of course is taking part as well, with businesses that have no storefront, as well as traditional stores with online shops offering web specific deals that cannot be found in stores. So popular has this become in recent years that the following Monday has been coined cyber Monday and often the available deals last an entire week instead of the traditional one day.

Black Friday videos are an excellent way to find out about these deals. Often stores both online and off will create and advertise Black friday shopping videos. Have a look at the websites of your favorite stores to find these Black Friday videos. In the months leading up to Thanksgiving, stores will continue to release these Black Friday videos and you can definitely use them to your advantage for big savings both online and in stores, just pay attention and you will become a savvier shopper for the holidays.