Leather backpacks

School may have been in session for a while now, but fall is finally in the air. Which means that you can finally start breaking out all of those cute, cozy outfits you bought over the summer!

But when it comes to campus fashion, don’t forget about the accessories. Going from class to class all day means that you need accessories that are both practical and stylish. Here are a few must-haves that will boost your confidence this season — though we can’t make any promises about your grades!

Leather Messenger Bags: Are you still carrying a backpack? Lose the stress on your shoulders and switch to leather messenger bags that are chic and roomy enough to hold your laptop and textbooks at the same time. For guys who aren’t ready to go full “man purse,” leather briefcases for men are also a super trendy option.

Watches: Need to kick the habit of checking your phone every five seconds? Get a real wristwatch to keep you on schedule and focused on studying. It’ll make a statement about how “vintage” you are with keeping time and help you take in the real world!

Wallets: Moved out of your parent’s house for the first time? Congratulations on becoming a financially independent adult who has to stress about managing their own finances! Whether it’s cash or credit you prefer, keep everything safe in leather wallets for women, designed to fit even in your unreasonably small skinny-jeans pockets. A few extra fine leather goods never hurt anyone!

Reusable Mug: Helllooooo coffee! You’ll need to stay extra jazzed to get through those midterms — why not turn your caffeine addiction into a fashion statement? Plus, many coffee shops offer discounts on bring-your-own mug. You can save the planet and your scholarship at the same time!

Ready to hit the books? Get the supporting essentials to help you breeze through the semester. A few practical and fashionable items can really help you charge up for long nights of studying or, you know, other more extracurricular activities. Come summer break, you’ll look like you never broke a sweat.