You should know how to use propane fuel canisters with a camp stove. Those canisters are 16 ounces each, almost like a big soda can. To get started, you should twist the cap and pull it straight up.

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It should come right off. Then, screw the canister onto the stove – there are ridges on the base to help you grip it.

If the stove doesn’t have a lighter, you use a regular one to turn it on. Once you finish cooking, turn off the stove and take the canister off. Don’t worry, it’s normal if it makes a weird sound when you do that. Pop the cap back on the canister, and you can reuse it later.

It’s best to have a couple of extra canisters. You may need them for a camping trip or something. When the canister is empty, it feels super-light. Propane is like the Swiss Army knife of fuels. This fuel is versatile and can be used for all sorts of things, not just flipping burgers.

You can use it to power furnaces and boilers. That way, your home stays toasty when the temperature drops. There’s no need to shiver in your blankets when you’ve got propane on your side. And don’t forget about hot water. Yes, that luxurious feeling of a hot shower. Propane can make it happen. Water heaters powered by propane ensure you never have to endure a cold rinse again.