Charitable clothing donations

Is it possible to save a little cash, help out the environment and provide some job growth for your economy? With local donation pick ups you can do all that and then some. With the United States seeing some of the greatest economic changes over the past few years, it falls upon the everyday actions of people like yourself to provide a positive impact. Charitable clothing donations are an easy and effective way of assisting multiple industries while saving you a good chunk of change. Not sure how to go about donating clothing to charity? Check out the tips below to become acquainted with the ins and outs of a single, old-fashioned charitable gesture.

Check How Often You Wear Certain Clothes

When you’re tight on cash it can be hard parting with some of your clothes. What if you wear them later? What if your tastes change again? There’s no need to fuss over a bunch of extra space being taken up in your closet, however, and a good rule-of-thumb has cropped up to help out people in this very situation. If you live in a more consistent climate (one to two seasons) and haven’t touched that jacket or pair of jeans in six months or so…it’s time for it to go! The average American woman owns an estimated 30 outfits or more.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Gently Used

You likely see this phrase very often when checking out clothing donations and local donation pick ups. What qualifies as ‘gently used’? Does that old dress or unwanted sweater qualify? Let’s think of it this way. Would you want to buy it if you saw it on a store shelf? If your answer is ‘no’, then it likely needs to be kept out of your donation box. Your clothes shouldn’t have any gaping tears, holes, stains or burns. For those that are a little beat-up but still can serve a purpose, however…just look at the third tip.

Decided Whether They Get Recycled Or Get Donated

Some clothes are just too worn out to be put up for sale at a charitable organization or independent thrift store. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a use. The vast majority of textiles, such as cotton and spandex, can actually be recycled. The year 2012 saw Americans recycling nearly 87 million tons of material. Despite this, a significant number will toss out old and beat-up clothing that is still in-tact enough to be re-purposed. When around 10 million tons enter landfills every year, textiles have taken the cake for the most underappreciated recyclable material.

Call For Clothing Pick Up When You’re Low On Time

You don’t have to juggle your heavy schedule to do some good. Local donation pick ups are a service most charitable organizations offer to make this process easier. You can call your nearby charity organization, give them some easy-to-follow directions and just leave your box outside the door for them to grab. This way you don’t have to set aside time between picking up your kids from practice or running to that last-second meeting. It’s estimated the average American will buy 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year.

Donate Your Used Clothes Once Or Twice Per Year

Seasons come and seasons go. When you have clothes you’ve outgrown or no longer like, you can move ahead much easier by making sure they go to the right place. Local donation pick ups make this necessary process all the easier to ensure that everyone can do their best to help out. The EPA has estimated as much as 75% of solid waste is able to be recycled. Despite this, only 30% actually circumvents landfills into the hands of waste professionals. Why not take a little time out of your weekend to gather up all those sweaters and shirts you no longer wear? It could be exactly what your local thrift shop, charity organization or textile mill has been looking for.