Black friday shopping video

Everyone these days knows how crazy things get when the holiday shopping season rolls around. Between parents fighting over toys to people lining up in the streets shortly after Thanksgiving Dinner, Black Friday has long become the symbol of this zaniness that we all find ourselves thrown into, whether we want to or not. One way to help capture this zaniness is through Black friday shopping videos, which show some hilarious, some heartfelt, and some plain crazy shots of people doing their best and their worst.

In these Black Friday shopping videos, there are mostly people who are desperate to do anything and everything to get the items that they have on their shopping lists. These people will fight tooth and nail to get that last toy or that last ridiculously priced TV off of the shelf, and they largely are captured on a Black Friday shopping video that shows them fighting, verbally or with fists, with others who are doing the exact same thing. In these Black friday videos, people are shown fighting with store employees, doing everything possible to get the top deals on the merchandise that they hope to hand over to beloved friends and family members during the holidays.

In other types of Black Friday shopping videos that are posted online, people are shown doing some ridiculously drastic things. Some are found on line hours before a store is set to open with its Black Friday deals, and others still are shown performing illegal and sometimes illicit acts to get their way and to cut in line or get into a store more quickly. In short, virtually every Black Friday video out there will depict someone as being crazy or off their rocker in the hopes that they will make purchases for less money and grab deals that no one else can find.

In other Black Friday shopping videos, there are people showing real compassion for others, letting them cut in line, getting out of the way as others scramble toward these items, and generally being nice citizens. However, people will not find too many Black Friday shopping videos that will showcase the nicer side of people, since the whole purpose for posting these videos is to make people laugh, not pull at their heartstrings. Most videos online are aimed at entertaining people, so this fits in nicely with the overall mix of craziness and zaniness seen with these Black Friday shopping videos.