Pandora bracelet charms

Pandora was created with the intent of offering women across the world a universe of high quality, hand finished, modern and genuine jewelry products at affordable prices, allowing women to express their individuality. There is evidence that in Africa shells were used as jewelry adornments around 75,000 years ago. The very first charm bracelets were worn by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites during the 600 to 400BC time period. Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets, starting a fashion among the European noble classes, and even popularized mourning charms when Prince Albert died, wearing charms that were carved of black jet or included a lock of the deceased persons hair. Actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford helped fuel the popularity of charm bracelets in mid Century America. With the rich heritage and significance that surround charm bracelets, it is no wonder why the Pandora charm bracelet has become so popular since the product line hit the shelves.

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