36 inch sparklers

Many women spend decades planning their wedding. Others never think of it before they begin planning the big event. If either type of bride decides on a more formal affair for their wedding day, then likely it will be after the sun goes down, opening up a wide range of possibilities for using light to decorate and enhance their reception, often a far less expensive choice than mountains of flowers. Of the possible light fixtures and features, these four are some of the best.

  1. Paper Lanterns: Most people have seen these traditional wedding decorations at some matrimonial event or another, but that should not stop a bride from taking this well known idea and incorporating it into her look.The great thing about paper lanterns is the way you can use different amounts to create an entirely different effect, from an elegant few to the overabundant joy of a couple hundred.
  2. Table Lamps: Fresh flowers are certainly beautiful, especially in just the right color, but there is no way around the fact that all that beauty comes with a matching price. It is, sadly, easier to replace the costly flower arrangement many use as a centerpiece with a table lamp. They can be found for a steal at thrift stores and fixed up, giving the reception a funky, eclectic vibe, or rented by various party supply companies if matched pieces are wanted. Still want some flowers on the table? Use some carefully placed ones to hide the cord.
  3. Candles: Of course, no list about lighting, especially not when romance is supposed to be in the air, can be written without including candles.This is no accident, nor is it laziness on behalf of the authors. The universal appeal of these lighting choices results from the beauty any space gains just by the burning of a few candles. Add to that the fact that they are inexpensive, come in essentially any shape imaginable, not to mention color, and you their preeminence should come as no surprise.
  4. Wedding Sparklers: Last, but by no means least, is the wedding sparkler. Do not confuse these with the flimsy sticks found in children?s hands on the fourth of July, quality wedding sparklers are in a very different league. The come in multiple sizes, with differing burn times as well. The 20 inch sparklers will last up to two and a half minutes, with the 36 inch sparklers surpassing them by far, burning for an impressive four minutes. Such an extensive length has other added benefits as well, such as the handle length and the need for fewer sparklers for the guests in total. Always remember, however, that even quality wedding sparklers should not be used by children without adult supervision.

No matter how many months or years of advanced planning a bride has behind her, new ideas, or reminders of the old ones, can be just the thing to complete the planning. Whether it is a paper lantern, a tea candle or quality wedding sparklers, lighting is often a marvellous finishing touch.