Streetwear australia

If you have a taste for West Coast skate and surfer culture, and the array of funky fashions that culture has inspired, you might be interested in some of the streetwear Australia is rocking these days. And keep in mind that street fashions have become more diverse with the passage of time and the spread from its California roots to other major cities in American and all over the world. Now streetwear australia, Cali or wherever has blended with elements of skate punk fashions, Japanese fashions from Tokyo, and even some haute couture.

Pretty much everybody who’s serious about streetwear loves stylish, high performing skateboard shoes and sneakers. The classic chunky skate shoe style, with a flat, low tread bottom surface that’s perfect for staying on a moving board is still the staple shoe style of streetwear australians love. There are other sneakers Australia wears on the street, too, but this style is always going to be dominant in skate culture, if for no other reason than they’re the best shoes for skating.

And what about the brands of urban wear Australians like? Irons, Stussy, Us Vs Them, Mishka, Situationormal, 10 Deep, Fuct, Alife… Debating which of these lines is the best and has had the most lasting influence on reigning styles of streetwear Australia and elsewhere is bound to keep fans of this style busy (although Stussy usually wins by virtue of being the originator). Now Australians are in luck as there are a bunch of new online vendors who are looking to sell fashionable streetwear Australians will love and take seriously. This style isn’t going away, and now streetwear Australia is a part of the landscape.