Many smart businesses are looking for unique ways to market their goods. Some are starting e-commerce sites, sharing their products on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Savvy marketers like Upside Goods, the producer of small-batch candles, are using pop-up stores to enable prospective clients to see, feel, and in this case, smell the products for themselves.

There are many things to consider when planning a pop-up store. One of the most important considerations is porta potty rental in Tulsa. When you are planning an all-day event, you must think of everything.

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Make the experience special for everyone. And once you’ve captured a buying audience, you don’t want them to leave to use the bathroom. That can mean the end of the sale.

Some key considerations include:

1. Promote your event as soon as you have all the details.
2. Assess the space and make the best use of it. Keep tables and shelves filled with products.
3. Make sure your pop-up is in a high-traffic area.
4. Capture the emails of customers and prospects for future news, updates, and new inventory.
5. Create an elevator pitch with three key points; this may include information on the product, the brand, and mission.

If you are planning a pop-up store, make the best of the time you have there. Engage with customers and prospects and keep them comfortable by having a porta potty available to them to keep them onsite.