School spirit wear shirts

If you’re a teacher or work in an educational setting, you know that fostering a sense of pride and school spirit in your children can be difficult, especially as they age. But it’s important for children of all ages to have school spirit because it strengthens their connections with other students and gives them confidence. If you’re looking for ways to instill a sense of school spirit in your students, here are some ideas.

First, offering a wide range of school spirit apparel is sure to excite your students. School spirit apparel should be lively and colorful. To spread awareness, you can even consider holding a contest to design a T shirt for fundraising. The average product fundraiser generates more than $3,100 for schools and non-profits. The winner could get their design printed on a series of custom t-shirts. There are countless ways to get students excited for all sorts of school pride apparel and school spirit gear — you just need to be creative.

Once your students are all dressed up in their school spirit shirts, consider recruiting an art student for face painting. The best time to do this is before a pep assembly, but anytime will work! Having students spend time together and have a few minutes to take a break from classes is sure to give them school spirit.

Aside from having a variety of school spirit apparel, students should be able to feel school spirit just by walking through the hallways. That’s why having a poster design contest is another great way to get students involved in spreading school spirit. Offer a grand prize for the winner, and a number of consolation prizes for any honorable mentions. Students will definitely feel pride when they walk down the halls and see their own designs hanging proudly in the halls for everyone to see.

Finally, another contest you could hold that is sure to spread school spirit is a door decorating contest. Either pick a specific theme or keep it generally school spirit related. Students from each class work together to create an eye-catching door design, and the winning class gets some sort of reward. Not only will students be excited to use their minds for something creative, but they’ll love the friendly competition.

Overall, there are countless ways to foster a sense of school pride in your students. It just takes a bit of creative thinking.