You should always have the best and most protective equipment when working on a construction site. Accidents can happen in seconds. Moreover, stepping on a wooden plank with nails is the last thing you want while working. Protect your feet and keep steady protection by using warehouse steel toe boots. It’s up to you to keep yourself well-protected and healthy. Moreover, don’t hesitate to buy footwear with a sturdy toe for heavy-lifting jobs.

Workwear is crucial on any construction site. It keeps you in good shape while it helps you carry out your duties. PPE boots and metal toe caps for cowboy boots are great protective footwear options for those harsh workplaces that require moving debris and dangerous elements. Don’t risk your health by carrying the wrong boots. Be wary of anything that can happen while working. Although using work boots can be heavy and troublesome, they will keep you in good shape if an accident occurs.

Using the right equipment and following the safety regulations will improve your work performance. Moreover, it will keep you away from any accidents.

Everybody needs comfortable shoes. A bad pair of shoes can pinch your toes, harm your ankles and even cause you back strain if not corrected in the long-term. Because of this, professionals in many industries have been seeking out comfortable tactical boots, police boots and desert boots to combat common issues and do what they do best. If you’ve found yourself in the same position, never fret. The market has never been more varied than it is today, offering people of all shapes and sizes with the waterproof boots and police boots they need to last them the year. Below are a few tips and common questions to help you save money and get started.

What Are Common Foot Problems?

First off — let’s talk about what a bad pair of shoes can do to your feet. The human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles overall. As such, there’s plenty that can be compromised or harmed when you least expect it. The year 2012 saw nearly 4,600 fatal injuries on the job, with well over 600 directly associated with falls and slips. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employees who suffer a foot or toe injury will miss a week of work on average. Minor injuries include bunions, sores and pinched toes. More severe injuries include broken toes, sprains and twisted ankles.

How Does This Affect Construction?

Now let’s compare to how this affects people who work in construction and repair. While the average person may walk 10,000 steps in a single day, a construction worker or laborer will walk triple that amount. It’s been found that reducing accidents by a mere 10%, rather than waiting for them to happen, results in yearly savings of over $60,000. OSHA only continues to update and modify its requirements to reduce hazard risks — foot injuries, such as sprains or broken bones, are a top priority for many career fields. This has noticeably affected the market at large and the products they produce.

How Is The Market Faring?

Thanks to increased health awareness and more competitive consumers, the market has only continued to evolve to meet demand. It’s thought around $70 is spent per employee on foot protection yearly, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics finding 75% of foot injuries occurring when workers were not in compliance with safety laws. Even now Magnum Stealth is still the #1 selling uniform boot worldwide — they joined forces with P2i back in 2009, proceeding to pioneer the introduction of their groundbreaking plasma-based technology.

What Are Good Materials?

It’s all in the materials. Regardless of whether or not the boot or shoe in question is made with composite or steel materials, a protective toe cap is a must within the footwear’s interior. There are even multiple classes used to rate impact resistance and durability, taking everything from gender to common industries into account to be as accurate as physically possible — this goes to Class 75 for men, Class 75 for women, Class 50 for men and Class 50 for women. It is widely considered by many that 75 is the superior choice. If you’re feeling confident that you’re caught up on the basics, you may just be ready to buy the ideal pair of shoes.

Where Do I Start Finding A Good Boot?

When searching for the best steel toe boots or police boots, you need to be aware of the best materials, class grades and common pitfalls to avoid. Don’t be overly concerned about price — a strong pair of shoes will eventually pay for themselves in the long run when they last you for years. Every year thousands of workplace injuries could have been easily prevented with the right gear. From police boots to waterproof boots, the right materials and dependable brand will do all the work you need.