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Donating clothing to charity might seem like a chore when you think about sorting through all of your clothing, but the truth is that you can successfully compile clothing donations every time you clean your room.
If you’re still concerned about just how to know what clothing you should give up for a charitable donation, here are a few essential questions you need to be asking yourself when you clean out your closet.
Does it fit?
you have two options when a piece of clothing no longer fits you. You can donate it to a younger sibling or relative, or you can drop it off at charity pickup locations. Ill-fitting clothing isn’t something that should be in your closet.
Have I worn this in the last six months?
If you own a piece of clothing, it’s usually because you want to wear it. Unless it’s a seasonal piece like a jacket or a heavy sweater, you should be able to ask yourself whether or not you’ve worn it in the last six months. If you haven’t, then it’s probably safe to say it’s time for a clothes donation.
Will I ever wear this?
If you’re currently in the midst of your new year’s resolution of cleaning out your wardrobe, it’s important to discern whether or not you’ll ever wear a piece of clothing in the first place. Those gifts of Christmases past might have been nice gestures, but if you’re not going to wear them then you need to be honest with yourself and donate to the greater good.
Does this represent my current style?
Some pieces never go out of style, but others do. Styles change over the years, and your personal style is not excluded. If a piece of clothing no longer appeals to your personal sense of style, then it’s time to say goodbye.
Do I need this?
Bottom line: if you don’t need it, then you can donate it. Donating clothing to charity isn’t a difficult task, especially if you can ask yourself these simple questions when going through your closet.