Cell phone radiation protection

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. They are invisible. These fields are created by devices that use electric power and can be generated by both natural and human made lighting. EMF radiation has been shown to have negative effects on human health. Short term exposure to EMFs has been shown to cause headaches, concentration problems, school difficulties and irritation in children and adolescents aged eight to 17, according to a 2010 study. In adults aged 81 to 91, the same amount of EMF exposure caused headaches, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems, according to national research. People who are exposed to EMFs on chronic basis show evidence of physiological stress in cells after only 18 months, this is according to a study conducted in 2012. The good news is that protection is available. from EMF shielding fabric to EMF protection necklaces, you can buy products or take steps to protect yourself and family from this dangerous radiation.

Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Family from EMF Radiation:

1. Educate Yourself About EMF Penetration:

Low Frequency Radiation: This kind is dangerous because it can penetrate just about anything. It will not stop at a wall or floor, it will just run right through it. You cannot block low frequency EMF.andnbsp;

Radio Frequency Radiation: This is easy to block. A thick brick wall can block most radio frequency radiation. What is not blocked by the brick wall can be blocked with a metal sheet. This kind of radiation cannot penetrate metal. Two computers that are next to each other with a piece of metal between them will still be able to communicate.andnbsp;

2. Get Away from the EMF Source:

One good thing about EMF radiation is that it degrades over even short distances. Low frequency EMF radiation may be able to get through all surfaces and substances but it does not get very far. If you cannot get everyone to wear EMF shielding fabric, you should get them to move away from the EMF source. You do not have to go far. Moving just a few inches from the source, such as your electrical equipment, can make a huge difference in how much radiation you get. Radio frequency EMF also degrades over distance but it can get much farther than low frequency radiation.

Maintain a Distance of Three Feet from Your Appliances.

This may not be realistic for all appliances. It would be hard to cook on your stove from such a distance but you can sit more than three feet from your television. You can wear your EMF shielding fabric when you are cooking on the stove but you should know that all of your electric appliances and devices emit low frequency radiation. This includes your power tools, computers, motors, chargers, TVs etc. Even your smallest devices like your cell phone charger emit dangerous EMF radiation. Your larger appliances, such as your electric heater and stove, are the most dangerous in terms of EMF radiation. Different refrigerators emit different levels of EMF.

To be safe, just try to stay at least three feet away from all of your appliances as much as you can. Even if you wear clothing made from EMF shielding fabric.

3. Turn Your Appliances Off When You Are Not Using Them.

Turn your WiFi router and modem off at night. Turn off your digital phones, wireless computers and the wireless printers when you are not using them. Unplug as much as you can. Your microwave oven may be a great convenience but you should unplug it when you are not cooking with it.

Turning appliances and devices off at night is a good policy to save energy.

4. Plug back in.

If you have wireless phones, you may have gotten used to the convenience. If you want to protect yourself and your family from EMF radiation, you should go back to the old fashioned wired phones. It is good to have these around anyway, in the event that you lose power, they will work when the cordless ones will not.

EMF radiation remains a controversial topic for a lot of people. We are so used to the conveniences that wireless technology gives us. You can protect yourself and your family.