Vacation rental condos

Renting condos for vacations has become an all inclusive way to spend quality family time. Families find that the amenities accompanying a condo rental touch on every need they might have during their vacation. Condo rentals on the beach are very popular, and there is certainly no shortage of these! Truthfully, affordable vacation rental accommodations can be found anyplace where travelers want to go. Across the globe the idea of renting condos for vacations has caught on because of the many benefits and conveniences that it affords the traveler.

Renting a condo for a week or two at vacation time is affordable and cost effective because of the “home away from home” amenities that are often offered as a part of the package. A vacation condominium can often sleep between four and eight people, depending upon its size, and typical conveniences such as towels and other linens are included. There is usually a full kitchen that includes dishes, utensils, and cookware for the renter’s use. A washer and dryer within the unit is typically included as well. Vacationers find this to be a favorite convenience, especially when traveling with children.

The goal of most people is to find some relaxation on their vacation, and more than half of people surveyed, about 52%, do admit to coming home from vacation feeling more rested. In addition, 49% say that when on vacation they tend to sleep later. Of business people asked, more than 75% feel that vacations not only protect them against burnout, but also help to improve their performance at work. Sixty-eight percent feel that spending time away increases their creativity.

Island condos for vacations are a preferred way to go for many who want a relaxing atmosphere in a beach or tropical setting. This type of setting can be found off the coast of Florida, for example, on Sanibel Island. Vacation accommodations there include condo rentals right on the beach, where swimming, fishing, and other water activities are just steps away. Sanibel Island is located on the Southern Gulf Coast of Florida, and covers about 33 square miles without even one traffic light!

Condos for vacations on Sanibel Island will typically include everything travelers could possibly need or want during their stay. In addition to impeccable location, a rental condo could include the basics, at least one flat screen TV, free WiFi, and free, convenient parking. Many units will include everything guests need for a fun day at the beach as well; for instance, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, boat rental and docking, bike rental, and even boogie boards! Most condos have barbecue grills, and many condo developments offer access to golf courses and tennis courts. Of course, shopping and restaurants are also located nearby most condo developments and are easily accessible.

With all of this having been said, surveys have been taken among vacationers who prefer renting condos for vacations as opposed to a hotel stay. People were asked what are the top conveniences they look for when booking their stay at a vacation condo. Interestingly, the top most important item on the list was WiFi. Staying connected is essential to 96% of people going away on vacation, and they want to be sure they will still have access to their email and social media. Being able to connect is also important to checking on entertainment at local venues.

Travelers find a washer and dryer to be an imperative part of their stay while on vacation. One school of thought says that because airlines have become more strict about the amount and weight of luggage on their aircraft, people are traveling lighter. A washer and dryer in the vacation unit is a life saver when needing to reuse articles of clothing!

Almost all vacation condo renters rate a fully equipped kitchen as a most important, and money saving, amenity while away. Many people are happy not to have to eat out for every meal while on vacation, and view an accessible kitchen as a necessity.

Cable is something people list as an important part of their vacation rental. TV watching is not usually the favorite pastime of vacationers, but people do still like to keep on top of their preferred programs even while they are away.