According to Statista, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in the year throughout the country. It is also considered the beginning of Christmas shopping. The day falls right after Thanksgiving, and retailers often offer special sales and offers. They also open particularly early, even at odd hours such as 11:59:59 PM.

In 2021, Statista reported that a third of US consumers shopped in-store and others online during Black Friday. This year, more people will shop online. It’ll be better because you will get deals for construction workers. Your workers and colleagues in the construction industry need better tooling, so what better way than to buy different items on Black Friday this year? With black Friday deals, most items will go for a song.

If you are unsure what to buy, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get the best deals for construction workers in this article. There’s something for everyone, from concrete drills to telescopic ladders for different construction workers. That’ll pump up the holiday season, and it’ll also improve the quality of their work. Let’s go!

1. Capacity Concrete Drills by CS Unitec

If you are a concrete contractor or have one in mind, you should get a professional core drill. The drills don’t get any better than this item by CS Unitec, which is lightweight and robust. Its diamond core combines a robust aluminum housing and a powerful motor. Also, this drill is suitable for continuous use since it is packed with a heavy-duty design.

This unit is also ideal for a worker who wants to drill holes faster and more efficiently. It can work on floors, ceilings, walls, and all concrete anchored systems. This drill will blast through and make nice-fitting holes regardless of the material.

In terms of safety, this drill has a built-in carry case and a safety slip clutch. It also has a leveling bubble and an overload fault interrupter. So, if anything goes south while using the drill, it will automatically reconfigure itself and keep you safe.

Tool belt deals for construction workers

2. Combo-System Tough Belts by MELOTOUGH

Roofing contractors spend a great deal of time on roofs. For this reason, you should get a tough belt. This combo-system belt by MELOTOUGH is fully-sized and impressively adjustable. It can fit big-bodied guys and has padded shoulders that make the job easier on the body. Simply put, the belt can hold the roofing contractor and all they need during the job.

The material METOTOUGH uses to build the belt makes it durable. It is rugged and has steel reinforcements, double stitching, and a tongue roller buckle to ensure the contractor is safe. It will help you scale up and down, making project completion much easier.

Apart from the belt’s tough material, the belt has good reviews on different platforms. It seems that it can haul an assortment of tools without wavering. Also, METOTOUGH offers a money-back guarantee, one of the most reliable, risk-free deals for construction workers.

3. Telescopic Ladders by Telesteps

Apart from getting a tough belt, roofing contractors should buy a telescopic ladder, especially this one from Telesteps. It is a well-built item made from scratch, meaning the manufacturer doesn’t outsource any labor from other countries. The ladders are also approved by OSHA, making them the ideal occupation space tool.

In terms of features, the telescopic ladder has silicon feet. The feet are tough and sit flat on a surface to avoid slips when working on the ladder. Besides, the ladder has locking indicator windows on all the rungs to tell the user that the bolts are locked and the unit is safe to use.

Another spectacular feature is the elliptical double-pulled tube. That ensures longer life, rigidity, and superior strength. The ladder also has spectacular operational traits that make it easy to retract using your hands. Surely, this is one of the tip-top deals for construction workers, so consider getting it this coming Black Friday.

4. Roofing Nailers by Freeman

Local roofers always require tools to make work easier, so you should get them a roofing nailer by Freeman this coming Black Friday. It is completely redesigned and has top-of-the-line features. First up is the enhanced driving power that makes the nailer more powerful and reliable than any other in the market.

It is lightweight, resistant to damage, and packs a scratch-resistant magnesium body. This roofing nailer’s construction is impeccable and guarantees high-quality performance for your project. If you’re installing cedar shingles or roofing sheathing, this nailer will improve the experience.

Another impressive feature is the upgraded internal parts and optimized airflow, which helps with repairs. It is also designed for maximum comfort and proper grip. In terms of functionality, the item enables you to switch easily between different nailing modes for a precise job.

5. Pole Saws by COCONUT

When looking for deals for construction workers, you will come across this pole saw by COCONUT, which is ideal for tree contractors. The pole saw has a fantastic blade with three sharpened edges and a double-sided barb design to help trim trees with overgrown branches.

The blade also has soft handles to give the contractor a comfortable grip. The pole’s blade is made of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust. You can also detach the pole into different sections to fit the needs of the particular job.

When it arrives, you will find it easy to assemble since the process only takes a few steps. The handle is sturdy and light, and the pole is suitable for cutting and pruning leaves in lawns, gardens, yards, and general forestry. Such wide usage makes it ideal for preparing construction sites and beautifying compounds after construction. You should include it in your shopping basket during Black Friday.

6. Excavation Shovels by KellyCo

For deep foundation contractors to do their job seriously, they require durable tools. Since the job sometimes involves excavation, this shovel by KellyCo is a good tool to buy. It’s made by the best outdoorsmen, detectorists, and engineers, so you can be sure that it’ll serve all the needs at the site.

It comes with a sleek but intentional design, which makes it easy to handle. Besides, the shovel’s ergonomics are impeccable, meaning there will be minimal stress for the person using it. Also, it has a razor-sharp spade that tears and cuts even the toughest of soil conditions.

The shovel works with rapid precision, and it is heavily built. That means digging and scooping are easier. The robustness of the shovel makes it easy for a contractor to work overtime on rocks and roots. Its spade is wide enough to ensure you dig the ideal-sized holes. When Black Friday opens, look out for this product.

7. Lawn Levelers by IWONGO

Grading contractors need many tools, and one of them is a lawn leveler. You can grab a top lawn leveler this coming Black Friday on IWONGO. As a best-selling product on platforms like Amazon, the leveler comes with multiple features that will make work easier.

First, it has a reinforced, stainless steel rake pole that holds itself together without snapping. At the end of the pole, you’ll see the lawn leveler, which covers the uneven lawn. It can sit on dirt, topsoil, compost, and sand. It can work in multiple places, including golf courses, gardens, and yards.

Once this leveler gets to you, you will find it is easy to assemble. It doesn’t wobble, and it has fewer screws. It saves you time and effort, and because of the solid construction, it is guaranteed to serve you for a long time.

8. Repair Tool Sets by FAST PRO

When looking for deals for construction workers, you should explore the repair tool set by FASTPRO. It is ideal for home building contractors since it offers a complete and economical tool set. It satisfies almost every requirement in a client’s home, and as such, it is worth putting in your working site or garage.

The items in this tool set are quite impressive. The pliers, for example, are constructed using heat-resistant steel and have expert ruggedness. The pliers’ jaws are precision machines, and their handles offer the perfect grip and make the entire unit easy to use. The toolset includes a wrench with smooth jaw adjustment and a knife with eight breakpoints.

Other items include a screwdriver holder with a 20-piece screwdriver to meet multiple construction needs. You’ll also find an easy-to-read tape measure and a tool bag that offers maximum storage. The toolset is perfect for your daily work life, and you should go for it come Black Friday.

9. Gutter Crimping Tools by American Mutt Tools

Gutter contractors need different tools, one of them being a gutter crimping tool. American Mutt Tools has an item you should consider getting this coming Black Friday. Their gutter crimper is a heavy-duty tool made using precision forged alloy steel. It can easily punch sheet metal with impressions measuring three-eighths of an inch from the edge of the metal.

In terms of ergonomics, this tool eliminates fatigue from extended use. The handles are tough but accommodating to your arm. The gutter crimping tool also has a snap-lock-punch design which allows you to accurately and quickly crimp sheet metal.

This gutter crimping tool is built to last because of the tough material. The item can withstand all conditions, making it the best gutter installation partner. The seller also offers a lifetime warranty, showing that they believe in their product, and so should. If this product completes your peace, go for it.

paint roller deals for construction workers

10. Paint Rollers by Wagner

Lastly, we have a paint roller by Wagner, which helps an exterior painter do their job with less effort and time. It is a handy tool to quickly paint sharp and crisp lines around doors, countertops, baseboards, ceilings, and trims. The roller makes painting easier and more enjoyable and offers numerous benefits.

This paint roller holds paint on the handle, meaning that you won’t need a roller tray. The handle has a reservoir that holds up to 6 ounces of paint. In one fill, the roller will paint over 96 linear feet. That keeps your mind focused on the art and improving the interior or exterior of the building you’re working on.

This tool makes cleaning a breeze when you’re done painting. You’ll only need to flush some water using a medium-pressure faucet, and the paint roller will be clean. Surely, this is one of the best deals for construction workers this coming Black Friday, and you should grab it.


Many times, working in construction can be stressful. For this reason, construction workers need efficient and effective tools considering their job scope. So, take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday to shop for construction tools. The Black Friday deals mentioned here will get you started if you have not made up your mind on what you should get.

When shopping on Black Friday for the best deals for construction workers, start with Amazon. As the biggest e-commerce platform, they will have the deals you’re looking for. If that doesn’t work, visit the official online stores of reputable brands mentioned here, including American Mutt Tools, which specializes in handy tools. If worse comes to worst, walk into a nearby store with this list in mind. Whatever you do, ensure that you get the deals for construction workers on Black Friday.

Remember to avoid the pitfalls of online shopping, like scammers and fake websites. If you’ve never shopped online before, get someone to help you. All the while, keep your payment information safe. If you can, throw in some coupon codes to get more discounts on your discounts. That way, Black Friday shopping will be blissful for you. All the best, and happy shopping!