Hose clamp

Large hose clamps are essential to anyone who hopes to wash and dry their clothes at home and avoid those filthy laundry mats. Although large hose clamps come in different sizes and materials, all hose clamps perform similar functions. Those functions are to secure different sized hoses and lines that contain a variety of fluids or gases. Without stainless hose clamps, hoses often risk becoming disconnected by fluctuating internal pressure, which leads to flopping, spurting hoses. Therefore, large hose clamps perform essential functions to which most people do not give a second thought.

Any home that has a laundry dryer may know the jobs that large hose clamps perform. And those people who have installed dryers know exactly why large hose clamps are essential. Basically, large hose clamps hold sections of dryer hose together and also connect a dryer hose to a dryer vent. Depending upon where the opening for the dry vent is located, a different number of clamps are needed. For instance, if a dryer vent is located twelve feet from the where a dryer sits, one will need either three, four foot sections or two, six foot sections of dryer hose. In the first case, the installer will need three large hose clamps to secure the hoses to the dryer vent. One hose clamp will connect the first hose section to the second hose section; a second large hose clamp with connect the second section of dryer hose to the third section; and a final hose clamp will secure the last section of dryer hose to the dryer vent.

Anyone can use large hose clamps to install a dryer hose, but it may be a bit tricky for one who has little or no experiencing installing a dryer hose. Although the design and function of large hose clamps are simple, tightening them around two flexible dryer hoses, which can easily become ruptured, can be frustrating. Further, the two ends of dryer hose that one is attempting to secure with large hose clamps often do not want to cooperate; and instead, will fight with the installer until the final screw of a hose clamp is tightened.

Large hose clamps are simple inventions. However, simple inventions are often the ones that are most essential. And for those who need to secure hoses and lines that are stubborn, the very best quality stainless hose clamps are recommended to do the job.