Clothes donation

Are you looking for an organization that will pick up clothing donations? It doesn’t get any easier than donating your used items to a charity that will pick up clothing donations, and everyone wins:

The Global Impact of Your Clothes Donations

  1. You Win When You Donate Clothes to a Good Cause

    Americans own so much stuff. Like, so SO much stuff. It’s really a mixed blessing. Yes, we live in the land of prosperity, where we want for nothing. On the other hand, it is so easy to accumulate more junk that you need, which has a negative impact on our mental health. Studies show that when a person owns more possessions than they feel they can manage, it triggers feelings of anxiety and stress. We own so much clutter than we’re suffocating our mental health!

    However, when you give your used clothes to a group that will pick up clothing donations, you are able to declutter without having to walk out of your front door. The concept has become so popular that you may have heard of the blogging challenge to donate or throw away 40 bags of clutter from your home, to free your home and free your mind of the overwhelming sense of junk.

    In addition to freeing your home and mind of clutter, when you donate goods to charity, you get all those warm fuzzies of doing a good deed. If their is a cause you feel passionate about, this is a great way to support the mission without having to spend any extra money yourself. The point is, when you donate your unneeded clutter to charity, you win!

  2. The Greater Good Wins When You Donate Used Goods to Charity
    There are a lot of great organizations out there. There are groups that help veterans. There are groups that help animals. There are groups that help animals of veterans. There is one thing every non-profit organization needs in order to further the mission of their cause: money. Sometimes the struggle for funding is hurdle that prevents great organizations from doing good.

    When you donate goods that you don’t need anymore to a non-profit, you are furthering the cause of the organization. Even if the mission of the group has nothing to do with the goods that you are donating, they can still make good use of your donations. Many non-profit groups support their cause with resale shops. Basically, the groups that pick up clothing donations for you benefits by converting your donations to cash in a thrift shop, to further the good cause they support.
  3. The People Who Shop at These Thrift Shops Win When You Donate Goods to Charity
    There are a variety of reasons that a person would shop at a thrift store. Maybe they like finding quirky, unique things that they wouldn’t find at a big box store. Maybe they love the idea of giving something a second life, instead of adding to the amount of clutter and waste that Americans deal with. Maybe they’re tight on cash and are able to meet their clothing needs without going in the red. Maybe they are treasure hunters and love the thrill of finding something incredible for pennies on the dollar.

    Whatever the reason, the people who purchase your gently-used goods from the thrift shop you donate them to benefit by getting clothing and household items that they need, at a fraction of the cost that they’d have to spend to buy it new.
  4. The Local Economy Wins When You Donate Your Used Goods to Charity

    When a person purchases a piece of clothing from a big box store, the impact on the local economy is relatively limited. For the most part, the money spent pads the revenue reports for the shareholders of the big box store mentioned. End of story.

    When you donate goods to charity, there is a metric ton of ways your goods fuel the very economy you live in. The people who purchase your donated items at a fraction of the cost of what they’d spend on it new, now have extra cash that they can go spend somewhere else. The other establishments who make sales they wouldn’t have because you donated goods to charity now have extra income. When they spend it locally, and the benefit multiplies.

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