Black friday shopping videos

Some Black Friday shopping videos are hilarious because they show just how desperate people get for scoring deals on everything from appliances to toys. These Black Friday videos are funny but also scary because they prove that some crazy people are walking around in public trying to buy things on the day after Thanksgiving without any regard for others. However, for the most part these videos elicit a chuckle from most everyone who views them.

These Black Friday shopping videos usually depict one shopper stealing an item in a store away from another shopper while that shopper is not looking. They too can depict fights that break out in public spaces over toys or other items available for a deep discount. These Black Friday shopping videos come from shoppers who are taking video of these other shoppers in action, probably laughing as they watch the action unfold. Usually, the people in a Black Friday shopping video feel pretty silly about the whole incident after they have seen it posted online and have realized the err of their ways, but this is not always the case. Some shoppers will do anything to secure something they have set out to purchase, and since the day calls for the crazy to come out a lot of shoppers embrace it fully.

The typical Black friday video garners hundreds of thousands of hits, most of which are discovered by others who have passed on these Black Friday shopping videos to their friends for their own enjoyment. In a world of online sharing and of posting amateur videos of everything possible, it obviously makes sense that these videos would be so readily available and that people would view them. After all, people love to see others fall apart. It is just our nature.

So where are all of these hilarious Black Friday shopping videos? Most are on sites where subscribers can post videos of the things they have taped. Of course, some Black friday shopping videos are not all that funny and others are downright reprehensible and are usually taken down by these sites’ administrators, but most are hilarious depictions of human cat fights that result in hair pulling, screaming and biting, and all manner of other immature actions, all over scoring better deals on holiday gifts. These videos are meant to entertain, but they also are a not so shining example of the human condition and how things can go so wrong in a flash.