There are some things guys should just never wear. With fashion taking a step forward, we are seeing some very cool styles for men, but we are also seeing the wacky. Here are some things that men should never wear and if they do, there should be a very good reason as to why.

First of all, red and black scrunchies are a big no. If you’re a guy with long hair, wear a hair tie.

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Hair scrunchies just don’t look good on men fashion-wise. So guys, don’t go out to the store and get a 3 pack of scrunchies anytime soon. Not even butterfly scrunchies.

Another big no for guys is crop top shirts. Look, we get it. You go to the gym and you want to be appreciated. There is just no denying that there just happens to be more hair in the belly region than women, and not everyone loves that. If you’re looking to show off, there’s probably a mirror somewhere that you can stare into for long periods of time.