If you run a spa or offer beauty treatments than increasing the number of customers coming your way is going to be a main consideration at all times. A lot of this can come through word of mouth which is awesome since it means that you’re getting good reviews, but sometimes you have to extend the marketing efforts a bit to make sure that you’re getting enough business.

In addition to the traditional ad efforts, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool to not only get new customers but to keep customers coming back. Social media can drive a lot of traffic, so you have the possibility that new potential customers are going to stumble upon your site and require your services. The more people become familiar with a brand, the more likely they are to remain loyal to it.

When your existing customers follow you on social media you have the ability to stay relevant and remind them of your presence regularly. This is also a great place to post any deals that you have going on. This way you can reach people who are not on your email list or aren’t reading it. There’s the added bonus of the imagery on social media which can really drive home a sale.

Just think, if you have skin products that you are hoping to sell, you can create multiple different social media posts detailing what they are and how they work. You can also get existing clients to share their reviews of the products and use images they provide which can increase the trust factor the new potential clients. With skin products one very effective form of marketing is to show a before and after image within the same frame. This can easily be accomplished with an editing app for social media. Having the images side by side offers an immediate experience for the person looking at the site. This works equally well for facial products and hair products.

You can also help remove some of the mystery out of services like waxing and brow tinting. Someone might shy away from services that they haven’t had before, even if they come highly suggested. On social media, you can actually post time lapse videos where you show some of these services being done on actual customers, which is going to give them a realistic perspective about what to expect should they decide to get the service. People love before and after photos. Sharing the after photo of an eyebrow waxing, for example, will let them see that they shouldn’t expect too much redness. The more familiar they are with the services, the more likely it is that they will want to come in and get it for themselves.

Increasing your social media presence will not only bring you some new customers, but it can also help a lot with the ongoing sales of skin products. It’s great to get your clients using your products in addition to using your services since maintenance is important between visits. Skin products like face wash and moisturizer can be used through pretty quickly, which means you’ll be in the position to keep supplying them regularly. When people find products that really work for their skin and bodies they are likely to stick with them, so the more you can do to showcase what you have to offer, the better your business will be.

Social media also happens to be a great place to deal with customer service questions and inquiries. It’s almost like being able to text you in real time or something. It feels a lot more personal and enjoyable to get an immediate response to a question that leaves as a comment or direct message on your social media. It also makes it easier for you to keep track of inquiries, as well as see what sort of posts people respond to and to which they do not. It’s a great tool that can only help you grow if you are using it in the right ways.