All natural beard oil

Whether or not you have a beard, you’re probably aware that beards have tremendous potential. A beard can make you look sophisticated, manly, sexy, or mature. They can also make you look ridiculous, slovenly, untrustworthy, or be seriously off-putting. It’s all down to beard care.

What Does Your Beard Say About You?

Think about your beard. Is it uneven and wiry, growing at different lengths in different spots? Does your wife or your date complain about it? Are you constantly itching? If so, you’re likely just occasionally trimming your beard and rinsing it once in a while with water. Chances are, you don’t own any grooming products for your beard, have never heard of beard oil, and don’t know the first thing about beard care. In fact, if we had to guess, we’d say one reason you have the beard is that you think it doesn’t need any time or care, unlike all that pain of shaving. If all this describes you pretty well, don’t despair. Your beard doesn’t have to be an embarrassment. All you need are some tips on how to take care of it. It won’t be hard, we promise.

Beard Care Tip 1: Get a Beard Oil Kit

If you want a soft beard that women will love, the great secret is beard oil. Beard oils soften the hair, soothe your skin, help with itching, leave you less prone to get razor rash, and even promote healthier and more even hair growth. One of the reasons you’ve got those strange spots where the hair grows unevenly is problems with the health of the skin underneath. A good all natural beard oil goes a long way towards fixing that.

Beard Care Tip 2: Trim it Correctly

If you have a haphazard approach to trimming, people will definitely be able to tell. You need to shampoo and condition your beard, then comb it carefully to remove all stray hair. Once that’s done, brush it against the grain so that you can see any problems with length consistency. Invest in a good pair of clippers and test the lengths before you go for the shortest one. Choose whether you want hard neckline or a faded beard, but don’t just let your neck hair grow in any way it wants. If you’re unsure, just shave your neck and ask your barber to show you how to fade a beard well.

Beard Care Tip 3: Keep Your Nose Under Control

For whatever reason, some people don’t have to worry about their nose hair. But a lot of men do: we’ve got hair that grows out our noses like it’s trying desperately to merge with the hair on our chest. You’ve got to get that under control, guys. There are nose hair trimmers on the market that will do this for you quickly and painlessly. You can also get nose-safe scissors, but the trimmer is really the fastest and easiest way to ensure you’ve got these under control.

Make sure your beard showcases your confidence and manliness. Take care of your beard, and your beard will tell everyone just how sexy and capable you really are.