Fridley mn flower deliveryWhen you want to give someone flowers, there are a number of different types of bouquets that you can send to them or bring to them yourself. The first step is to either go to a floral boutique or to visit one online. Then, look at the best-selling flowers as well as a few of the lesser-selling bouquets that might be best for the person you will give them to. If you go to a large aggregate flower website, you can choose from all of the bouquet names and have a local florist send them on your behalf.

The best way to deliver flowers is to know exactly what you are picking out and how it may be different when your local florist creates the bouquet. The bouquet of flowers to send often ends up looking a little different from the way that it is pictured on a website. There may be substitutions needed or other changes based on what the florist has on hand. You can always ask about the substitutions and make sure that you under what might be substituted and that it is of the same value as the flowers you bought as part of the bouquet.

Holidays are a busy time for Minneapolis florists. The December holidays have the greatest purchases, followed by Mothers Day, Valentines Day, the combined Easter and Passover holidays, and Thanksgiving. But what are some of the flowers Minneapolis florists sell on these holidays? Below is an overview of the flowers that Minneapolis florists sell, as well as florists St. Paul MN may have.



The most popular type of holiday flowers Minneapolis florists sell is poinsettias. 50 million poinsettias are purchased during December, and three-quarters of them are red. There is a myth that the poinsettias Minneapolis florists sell are harmful to animals and humans. This is not the case, as no parts are poisonous.



Another popular flower Minneapolis florists sell is roses. Roses may have started floristry, for the term refers to the art of growing and arranging flowers, particularly roses. We may associate white roses with funeral flowers Minneapolis florists arrange, but most of those sold are red. This is particularly true for Valentine’s Day, and to a lesser extend Mothers Day. The Valentines Day haul alone makes up one-fifth of all flower sales.



Holidays and flowers are inseparable. These holidays can be lucrative for florists, but they can also be stressful. So when you are doing your holiday shopping, be nice to florists. They will be nice back.