Numerous aesthetic non-surgical procedures exist, but none is more common than lip injections. According to the video, most people start becoming aware of their lips after seeing celebrities with perfect pouts and feeling like they should have the same look. However, there are many things people don’t know about lip injections, especially first-timers.

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What should people expect from lip augmentation with dermal filler?

The physician will apply numbing cream to the patient’s lips before injecting them. According to the video, one of the patients can’t feel her face which is good because it means she won’t feel any pain when the physician starts injecting.
When the physician injects their lips, patients can expect some bleeding. Also, they can expect their lips to have slight bruises, which should clear up over time.

Patients can also expect their lips to swell after the injections. This is a common side effect of lip injections which should be gone in about seven days.

Patients should know that the desired results of lip injections can’t be seen immediately. After the injections, some people feel they don’t have their desired look, but lip injections take time to materialize; in about a week or two, patients should see results.