Wholesale beach towel suppliers

Despite the snow, spring (and summer) are on their way! It’s time to start thinking about beach season and the things you’ll need to start gathering to be ready to hit the waves. And who doesn’t love dreaming about summer vacation a few months in advance? Over 50% of respondents to a survey said that they expected to be beachside within the next year. One thing you’ll definitely want in your beach bag this year are good, sturdy beach towels. Whether they’re logo beach towels, embroidered beach towels, or custom made beach towels, they’re multipurpose and will make your beach experience far more pleasant. If you’re a small business owner, pro tip: having logo beach towels can be a great advertisement as you lounge on the beach! Below, we’ll discuss what you should look for in a beach towel, what you should bring with you to the beach this year, and ways to have an easy vacation!

What Kind of Beach Towel Is the Best?
Avoid the discount polyester beach towels! Though their price may be attractive, you want 100% cotton (which really isn’t all that much more expensive…), because cotton absorbs moisture faster. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to dry off with an already damp beach towel.

On a similar note, short looped terrycloth helps your beach towel dry faster and you won’t run the risk of it catching on chairs, pebbles, or rocks. And selvage edging will help keep your beach towel from unraveling before its time, which is helpful with the short looped terrycloth, to keep your towels from disintegrating entirely!

You also want to look for beach towels that are fade resistant (yarn-dyed, for example), to keep those fun, vibrant patterns going for as long as possible! Faded beach towels are just so sad. You don’t want all those new logo beach towels fading before you’ve had the chance to display them!

What Should I Have in my Beach Bag(s)?
There are a few beach bag staples (bathing suit, beach towel, sunglasses, snacks, etc.,), but there are also some things that should be staples and aren’t. If sunscreen isn’t on your list, put it there immediately! A bad sunburn can really throw a monkey wrench in your beach vacation — and it’s not great for your long-term skin health either. But, just in case: bring aloe vera too, for sunburn relief.

Water is also important; you want to stay hydrated out in the sun. Dehydration is no fun — and no joke. Speaking of seeking relief from the sun, a beach umbrella can be a good addition to your beach packing list. In addition to providing shade, it can also provide some privacy as well.

Portable chargers and sand/water-proof cases for phones and tablets can keep you connected and prevent your technology from getting ruined. Accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared!

Cover-ups and cheap flip-flops are also a good thing to bring along, if you need to go somewhere in public or off the beach for food, bathrooms, etc. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but likely you don’t want to go into a public bathroom with bare feet.

Insect repellent, lip balm, and lotion are other good skin care items to keep in your bag as well.

How Can I Make My Beach Vacation Easier This Year?

Book early. As soon as you can get vacation dates, start booking. Popular vacation destinations tend to fill up early, and prices climb accordingly. If you want a good deal and a choice spot, booking sooner rather than later is a good idea.

Lists are key for an easy getaway. From making a “what to pack” list to a list for big items (housing accommodations booked? flights/transportation booked? dates requested for vacation? and so forth), they’ll help keep you organized and remembering the little details.

Make sure your housing is close to the place you’ll be spending the most time and if you’re going with the family, that there’s plenty of activities for everyone to do (that helps cut down on the inevitable whining).

Bring your logo beach towels for a truly relaxing vacation this
year. With the right equipment and planning, you’re in for a treat!