T shirt printing services

Compressed t shirts are a great new idea for a promotional giveaway. Whether it’s an event, a resort or a business that you want to publicize, custom compressed t shirts will carry your message far and wide. T shirts are everybody’s favorite item of clothing, and promo t shirts are the gift that everyone appreciates. And for the mavericks, there are promotional towels as well.

What are compressed t-shirts?
Compressed t shirts are regular cotton t-shirts that have been compressed and shaped into the size of a hardcover book or even smaller. They make great promotional giveaways because they can be shaped like almost anything: corporate logos, beer mugs, giraffes, cookies, cars, trucks, food items, medical supplies and much more.
In fact, custom compressed t shirts can be shaped according to any design requested. They can also be screen printed with designs, logos and messages. For schools, sporting events, corporate giveaways, shops, and as souvenirs of travels, compressed t-shirts, towels and tote bags make great gifts.

Why do people love promotional t shirts?
Custom compressed t shirts are an easy way to advertise your business, to publicize a sporting event or a music concert, and to declare affiliation or support for a school or institution. T shirts are everybody’s favorite item of clothing and 95% of all Americans love wearing them. And 90% have at least one T-shirt that they keep because of its sentimental value even though it should be thrown away.
T shirts are popular because they are practical, versatile and fun to wear. They also come in a wide range of size and colors to appeal to every taste. Custom compressed t shirts with fun designs and logos are always appreciated by the recipients.

Why are custom compressed t shirts effective?
Given the popularity of t shirts, promotional giveaways of custom compressed t shirts are essentially a no-brainer. As the US promotional products industry grows, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to stand out and to get their names and messages out. In 2011, industry revenues were $18.5 billion, representing an increase of 4.4% over the previous year.
T shirts are the most popular item of clothing in the U.S. Between 2009 to 2014, the T-shirt industry has grown by over 24.2%. This makes t shirts the ideal medium for your message, whatever the message might be.

T shirts and wearables are popular gifts because they are fun and practical at the same time. Custom compressed t shirts come with inserts that can carry logos, design and messages. The inserts also have more practical information about sizes, fiber content etc.