Charter jet company

These days, so many people fly to their destinations. Sure, driving a personal or rented vehicle, or taking some sort of public transportation are all options, but when it comes down to it, the fastest, most efficient, and sometimes the most comfortable forms of travel, especially when going somewhere on business, involve some form of air travel, whether springing for first class on a commercial airline, or making use of a private jet empty leg flight operated by jet charter services.

What is a private jet empty leg flight?
Many businesses employ the use of private charter jets. Instead of looking to buy a seat on a commercial flight, the business looks for aircraft charter services that allows them to make use of the entire aircraft, whether to transport several employees from one location to another, or to fly other individuals involved in the business where they need to be in order to conduct that business. Many businesses that have operations in multiple cities will end up saving time and money using charter jet services, as many of their employees will need to bounce back and forth between the different locations. However a private jet empty leg can sometimes be used when that jet which took employees to one location needs to go back or be in another location when there is no one in need of transport. Empty leg charter flights can often become available at much lower prices than they might otherwise be, in order to discourage the waste of a trip that taking no one at all would entail.

Being productive on a private jet empty leg flight

Most people have at least some experience with air travel, and those who have had the experience of commercial air travel could probably tell some stories of less than ideal trips. Commercial air travel is designed to get the most people possible from one location to another. There is rarely enough leg room and the amenities are quiet often few and far between. As there are an average 8 million people flying each and every day, the sky is quite the popular place to be, though many end up dreading the experience. However charter flights can be completely different. Many charter jets are designed for more comfort, and the fact that you are on a business trip, usually with colleagues, can encourage higher rates of productivity than you might otherwise be looking at. In fact, one survey revealed that those who were flying on a company charter flight found themselves to be 20% more productive than they would have been in the office. On the other hand, those on business trips who flew commercially reported a drop of 40% in their productivity levels.

Going more places with charter flights

There are a lot of people who fear air travel, but given the statistics in comparison to the dangers of driving in your car, there is very little to be afraid of. And once you have had a few flights under your belt, you will not even notice the occasional bout of turbulence. Air travel has been proven time and again to be quite safe. And on top of that, flying with a charter service often gives you more access to more locations. At 47%, about half of business charter flights fly into airports that commercial airlines do not frequently fly in to, or they are landing on dates that no commercial flights were scheduled. Charter jets can typically make use of over 5,000 public airports, which is over 100 times the range of commercial airlines.

Charter flights, especially empty leg flights, can get you where you want to go faster and more comfortably, and often more productively than commercial flights.