T shirts promotional

What’s in a t shirt? That’s a more common question than you may think — t shirts, whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, are easily the most common fashion item the world over. They’re used for everyday fashion, high fashion, promotional purposes or as a comfortable option when relaxing around the house. As a result companies and entrepreneurs alike are on the constant search for quality t shirts for printing, all the better to create memorable products for their consumers while supporting their business.

Fashion Industries And Revenue

The fashion industry regularly produces t-shirts of all cuts, sizes, designs and shapes for a mass audience. American promotional product industry revenue increased by an impressive 4.5% to $18 billion back in 2011, with these numbers steadily increasing over the years to remain a dependable option for many. The t shirt industry, specifically, has grown by more than 25% from 2009 to 2014.

Materials And Uses

While t shirts can be built with a variety of materials, some have been found to be far more popular than others. Nearly 30 million tons of cotton are produced on a yearly basis — that’s the equivalent of 30 t-shirts for every human being on Earth, notwithstanding dresses, skirts and jackets. Studies have shown 70% of men, as well as 55% of women, wear and own more than 10 t shirts in the United States. The international trade revenue for the year 2011, specifically, saw the commercial screen printing industry in the United States reaching $8 billion.

Preferences And Favorites

Before you seek out quality t shirts for printing it helps to know the most popular preferences. V necks are widely popular among women and girls, while classic short-sleeved variations are one of the most frequently purchased item of all genders and groups. Studies have shown nine out of every 10 Americans own at least one t shirt, if not several, that they refuse to throw away because of sentimental value. Many businesses appreciate the attachment people have to their t shirts and seek to recreate that with promotional products.

Promotion And Benefits

Quality t shirt printing and related products such as custom promotional towels and compressed tote bags can go a long way in promoting your business. Studies have shown Americans grow very attached to t shirts, sweaters and jackets due to their flexibility and easy-to-maintain design. Although cotton is grown in 85 countries and exported by 55, the United States is the second largest cotton producer and is easily the largest exporter in the world — it regularly ships anywhere from 40% to 60% of its yield abroad.

Using A T Shirt Printing Service

If you want to create quality t shirts for printing you need to brush up on the basics. Cotton is the most popular material — it’s easy to clean, stretchy and soft all at once, widely considered the most comfortable choice compared to wool, spandex or linen. Use simple dyes to make sure you don’t create a product that bleeds overmuch when washed and use a screen printing service that offers long-lasting results. Last, but not least, an appealing design or simple logo will be much more memorable than something overly complex or noisy. Quality t shirts for printing are one fantastic way of promoting your business and, if recent numbers are anything to go by, won’t go out of style any time soon.