Tax season is coming up. Are you reeling over what you have to owe?

Houseware donations and clothing donations could help you out. This is the time of year in which everyone is scrambling to get things done, gathering up all their financial information and any additional details that could see them saving. When you’re worried about your return, charitable donations can give you a little boost. Donating clothing to charity is a useful act that will help out your community, clean up the environment, and offer a nice receipt at the end of the day. Even better?

It just takes an hour or two to gather it all up. Here are some tips and facts to help you cobble together a pile of unwanted household items that can yield you a big return.

What Houseware Donations Can I Offer?

Does your home feel a little cluttered? Houseware donations are a helpful action with a big ripple effect, able to improve your life as well as the lives of others. Some locations accept silverware and dishes (though it’s best to make sure they have no chips or scratches). You can also look into donating any chairs, tables, or appliances you no longer need. For those that don’t have much in the way of houseware to offer up, clothing donations are another great option with a wide array of benefits.

What Kind Of Clothing Should I Donate?

If you want to donate to charity this year and reap the most benefits, charitable clothing donations are the way to go. The average American today purchases around 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year. An interesting 2011 study also found two million tons of clothing and textiles were either recycled or donated to charity. You can donate all kinds of clothing, provided they’re gently used. These include pants, jackets, sweaters, leggings, and shoes.

What Are The Environmental Benefits?

We are constantly in a cycle of using, discarding, and buying. Making this cycle more beneficial means becoming comfortable with recycling. Back in 2012 Americans recycled and composted nearly 85 million tons of material. In spite of this, far too many landfills today are still being given useful clothing and textiles that can be used elsewhere. Nearly 100% of household textiles, such as cotton and spandex, can be reused and repurposed without a drop in quality.

What Are The Financial Benefits?

You might be wondering how donating clothing to charity can give you some savings. On top of reducing clutter in your home (which reduces stress and improves your health), you can also gain some tax benefits. Certain locations, such as Purple Heart, will provide you with a receipt you can then write off on your tax return. Some articles of clothing, such as men’s suits and overcoats, offer a larger return than standard shirts and pants. Make sure to keep it on hand so you don’t miscalculate.

What If I’m Too Busy To Donate?

You might be worried about receiving all these benefits when you’re low on time. Pick up clothing donations have you covered. There are plenty of organizations that pick up donations, needing only a call and some easy to follow directions to pick up your box of clothes or houseware. Make sure to label them clearly and put them somewhere easy to find, such as on the sidewalk or your front porch. It’s never been easier to help out the environment, save yourself some money, and clear up your home all in one go.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Gather up some houseware donations or clothing donations this week and save some money this spring.