Italian leather shoes

According to Forbes, you have about seven seconds to make your first impression. This may come as a shock to people who may assume that a date, meeting or job interview hinges on minutes and hours — rather than the amount of time it takes to walk 10 feet. The reality is, though, that we subconsciously make a lot of assumptions the minute we begin interacting with people — and first impressions can be persistent.

For many, a great first impression begins with a polished look. Here are three tips for making sure that the image you want to project is what everyone else in the room will see.

Finish The Look From Top To Bottom

The average consumer has about four leather objects on them at any time — whether that?s boots and watches or belts and wallets. When it comes to giving the right impression, invest in high-quality products that are made to last. It can be the difference between looking professional, and looking like the guy going as ?banker? for? a halloween costume. If your wallet starts to wear and tear at the edges or your belt requires a piece of tape to hold it together, now is the time to invest. You may have a great handshake and a charming persona, but keep in mind: visual cues, in some studies, have been shown to be 5x as powerful as other cues.

There’s a Reason Luxury Italian Loafers Have a Reputation For Excellence

You don’t have to spend an entire year’s income in order to get a great pair of designer leather shoes. Some may scoff, but the difference in quality between bargain store basements, and expertly crafted designs, is real. Why leather? When taken care of properly, luxury leather items can last for years and years and will adjust to the specific shape of your feet. Unlike imitation materials, leather often improves with age, developing unique patinas and shines. Walk into your job interview wearing exotic mens shoes rather than a pair of worn-out sneakers, and you show yourself as someone with a sharp eye for detail and a knack for professionalism.

Know Your Stuff

Why do people continue to pay for premium items like wool blazers and exotic mens shoes? These materials are prized for a number of reasons. Unlike its imitators, cotton is highly breathable. Silk is naturally soft and lightweight. Wool, not acrylic yarn, is naturally odor resistant and highly insulating. High quality leather resists developing holes and unsightly scratches after a single season of wear. Once you do your research on the world of luxury goods, you’ll begin to appreciate why people are willing to invest in products like exotic mens shoes.