Clothing donations

The girls are at school. The house is empty except you for the first time in three months. The fact that you have the house to yourself means that it is tempting to sit back, read that book that has been sitting on the nightstand all summer, and, maybe, even take a nap. Instead, though, you forced yourself to stay at home, but get organized. More like get your daughters organized. You sorted through and organized drawers. You sifted through and reorganized the hanging clothes. In fact, by the time that the girls got home from school, it looked like a new space. Everything was organized. Everything looked like new. Everything was finally ready for the school year.
By the time the closet and dresser drawer cleaning was through you had boxes full of items that you were ready to get rid of. You talked to your husband and between the two of you made the decision that there were a few of the things you would let the girls go through, but after that will take everything and make donations for non profit organizations. You will likely find a place that is known for helping military families, as that is a passion of yours. You might even wait and make the delivery at a time when the girls can go with you so they can see the benefits of making a habit of giving donations for non profit organizations.
Charitable Donations for Military Families and Other Organizations Help Those Struggling to Make Ends Meet
We live in a world where there is a vast difference between the have’s and the have not’s. The fact that this disparity is growing so profound is an indicator that any time someone takes the time to make a donation to someone less fortunate that help can be very beneficial. As today’s media exploded today with the news of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin?s wife, Louise Linton, setting off a social media storm after someone commented about her expensive designer clothing, it is again a time for some American’s to consider if they are doing all that they can to help other’s in need. And just because a top government politician’s wife sees no reason to feel compassion for those less fortunate is not a reason for the rest of Americans to shirk their responsibility for caring for those less fortunate. And if cleaning out a closet and a couple of drawers can help, why not make the effort?
Donations for non profit organizations help those who are less fortunate, as well as providing you a way to avoid the unnecessary clutter in your home that is caused by clothing and other household items that you no longer use. The next time that you are looking for a way to spend your time productively, consider this information about the groups that make it easy to make donations for non profit organizations:

  • Having a closet full of clothes that you never wear does not do anyone any good.
  • Every time you make the decision to get rid of the clothing items that you no longer wear, you give yourself the opportunity to help someone in need.
  • Litter and trash are a growing problem in our world. The average person, in fact, generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day, equaling nearly 1.5 tons of solid waste a year. Any time you can find a way to reuse the clothing that you no longer wear, you are keeping items out of a landfill.
  • Pound for pound, wasted textiles are a huge problem. In fact, every year the average American tosses 82 pounds of textile waste.
  • Instead of looking through crowded drawers, why not donate the items you no longer use.
  • No waste should be the goal.
  • Giving to others is a great way to contribute to society.

  • How often do you donate?
  • An estimated 80% of donated clothing in America is used by charitable organizations for donation to the needy, and for funding.
  • Now is the time to start making your old clothes a donation.
  • Donated clothing in 2011 reached an estimated 2 million tons of clothing and textiles being donated to charities in America.

Finding a way to give a HELPING HAND to those less fortunate is an admirable goal.