High end custom suits

One of the most important things a man can do is get clothes that fit and fit well. Not all clothing is designed the same, and not all men are designed the same. This can make the task of choosing premium mens suits a daunting chore. Deciding between custom tailored clothing or choosing from top men clothing brands right off the shelf could leave some wondering where to even begin. Since psychology studies prove that first impressions are usually formed in the first 7 to 17 seconds that people meet, and more than half of these impressions, 55% are largely determined on personal appearance, you want to ensure that this impression is a remarkable one. Below are some benefits of having your clothes professionally measured to fit.

How the Suit Fits

Sometimes the one size fits all mythology just doesn’t work, and when choosing high quality mens suits, it happens more often than not. The average waist of men in the United States is about 39.7 inches, while the average height is 69.3, meaning if you don’t fall in this average category it can make it extremely difficult to find properly fitting premium mens suits. The neck area could be uncomfortable and not fit properly, or the length of the sleeves could be too short or too long depending on your arm length. The suit itself could be too long or too short depending on how tall you are. Made to measure clothing ensures that your pants are the right length and that your cuffs fall where they should, which is two centimeters from your wrist bone, while being a slight bit looser than a wrist watch.

Overall Quality of the Suit

No matter what brand of premium mens suits you are looking to choose, you are not going to get the same quality as you do when choosing a made to measure suit. The materials and sewing process of even high end clothing is nothing more than mass produced articles of clothing meant to produce the most profit. Most articles of clothing are not thoroughly inspected meaning mediocre stitching procedures could find their way through to the store shelves. Made to order suits value precision, can make adjustments as needed and can spot inconsistencies in your suit. The finished product means better material, better quality and more wear for your money.

Personalized Suits

When choosing made to measure suits you get to personalize your style how you want it. This can help you stand out from the crowd, draw attention to certain parts of your body, and affect moods and impressions of those around you. You can choose how you want your collar to look, and even change up your cuff designs to suit your taste. The possibilities are numerous and you are definitely granted more flexibility for your premium mens suits rather than choosing them off a store rack.

Save Time

One of the most important things in our lives, probably more important than money, is our time. No body wants their time wasted. By choosing a made to measure suit you will save time finding premium mens suits. You will not have not mix and match to find your perfect fit. You will not have to go from one section of the store to another. While you may not have the luxury of walking out the store with your suit in hand, you will also avoid traveling to multiple stores, trying on multiple suits, waiting for associates to see what is in stock, and dealing with out of stock inventories. The time saved is beneficial.

Remember to communicate effectively to let your needs and wishes be known. Make your preferences known at the time of measure. Listen to recommendations and work together to choose the best made to measure suit for you.