Colorful beach towels

When it comes to finding the right beach towel, the process can be pretty overwhelming due to the wide selection of towels to choose from. But not every towel is appropriate for the outdoors, particularly at the pool or at the beach. And that’s why it’s worth to take a considerable amount of time when shopping for one. Here are few tips to help you find the perfect beach towel that offers you a great beach experience.

The first thing to consider before you buy a beach towel is perhaps your height. Towels come in an array of sizes. So, to ensure you don’t buy a small towel or an oversized one for your body, measure yourself to get the exact height. Typically, a towel with a length of about 60″ and a width of 28″is ideal for any beach goer. This should fit properly without any problems.

With a variety of towel designs available, you can either go for plain colors, patterns or graphics among others. Most people go for bold colored designs but stain easily than dark-coloured ones. There are also different types of embroidered beach towels that feature cool patterns you could choose. In fact, custom imprinted beach towels have become more popular than the contemporary colored towels. A themed beach towel lets you express your individuality while you’re soaking up the sun.

Absorbence ratio
Essentially, towels are designed to dry off water and moisture content from the body. However, different towels have different absorbance ratio, and it’s important you find one that can keep your dry completely after romping in the waves. A good example is a cotton or a terrycloth blend towel which dries quickly. Excellent beach towels can also serve as a mat when placed on the sand.

A good towel can cost anything between $10 and $20. Factors that can affect the cost of a towel include the type of fabric, pattern and overall design. Embroidered beach towels are most likely to be expensive due to their intricate designs and the work that goes into making creating them. Invest in a towel that will serve you for a long time before it starts to wear off.

If you are going to buy a beach towel through online stores, you need to be very cautious. Keep your height in mind when making your decision and ensure you pick the towel that you’ll feel most comfortable in.