For 14 years, has provided quality straps to clients around the world. We sat down with the company’s president, Douglas Foster, to learn more about his experience so far.

Mr. Foster, what inspired you to open

We wanted to create a business as a family, and we had previous experience making straps for the rafting industry. We felt we could expand into other industries and offer no minimum, affordable pricing to other small companies and that we all could help each other grow.

That’s a pretty noble goal! Has your company stayed small?

We never thought we would be this big, but we certainly don’t think we are rushing or even going too slow. We are moving at the speed that we feel comfortable with.

Do you find that you’re able to compete with larger companies at that speed?

With a lot of hard work, you can compete against larger companies, you just have to find the need that those companies aren’t able to fulfill for customers.

Do you have any other strategies that have contributed to the growth of

Preparing for the future of the business and coming up with new business strategies to continue growth year to year. You really have to always being changing and keeping things fresh. Keep your name in front of customers because its too easy to be forgotten in the world of internet., located at 2900 W. 1st Avenue in Eugene, OR provides all types of straps, buckles, and more through its website. To learn more, visit, email, or call (541) 741-0658.

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