Cat eye glasses

The majority of Americans, 64% in fact, wear either contacts or glasses, according to Statistic Brain. However, less than 90% of people purchasing frames make the purchase for themselves. If you are in this exact situation, then you might find yourself not knowing where to start to purchase glasses for a man in your life. Using an online retailer may make the process easier, but once you have found the right retailer, then what should you do? Here are a few tips to help anyone shop for glasses for men.

Lens Requirements

Make sure that you go into the purchase with a good knowledge of the lenses that will be required. Transition lenses may be necessary if the man does not have prescription sunglasses, or prefers to have only one pair of prescription eye wear. Progressive lenses are an alternative to bifocals. If the man you are shopping for has one prescription for distance, and one for close reading, then transition lenses may be necessary.

Functional Requirements

Not all glasses are created equally. Some are created to relieve eyestrain associated with frequent computer use, sports glasses are created to have a good hold and durability, and other glasses are best used as a fashion statement and normal prescription eye wear. When looking at glasses for men, Ray Ban, Oakley, and Costa Del Mar often specialize in creating sports glasses, Gunnar creates computer glasses, and almost every brand creates prescription eye wear for fashion and everyday use.

Design Requirements

There is a common belief that it is easier to shop for men than it is for women, but this may not be so true if you are shopping for glasses for men. Certain frames flatter certain face shapes better than others. Although you can find in-depth information about which frames look best with which face shapes, there is a general rule that you can follow. Most of the time, simply choose a frame that is in contrast to the face shape of the man. For example, if the man has a very round face, round glasses are unlikely to be flattering. A long face, and a thin nose are more likely to be flattered by round glasses because they contrast each other.

Shopping online for glasses is a great way to find just the right frames for any man, and about 95% of people who have bought frames online found their experience to be either good, very good, or excellent. Remember to consider all aspects of the glasses before you purchase, from the lenses, to the frames, and the overall intended function. Armed with this information, you will have an easier time of finding just the right pair. Continue your research here: