Keeping track of your money is one of the hallmarks of adulthood. It’s easy to see why so many today still don’t feel like a proper ‘adult’, with all the trouble it takes.

You change your banking password once in a while to give yourself peace-of-mind against hackers. You debate where to store spare change in your house, whether in a classic piggy bank or somewhere a little less obvious. When you’re traveling and need to carry a few hundred on your person, a strong wallet can mean the difference between staying confident and having the rug yanked out from under you. The holidays may be over, but that’s no reason not to treat yourself. A minimalist money clip can be a great accessory for your day-to-day obligations.

Let’s look at some smart tactics for carrying money and keeping your self-esteem right where it needs to be.

The Rate Of Identity Fraud

Think you won’t be a victim of identity fraud? Think again. It’s one of today’s most frustrating and common crimes, able to crop up out of the blue and set you back for months. The year 2017 alone saw over 15 million victims of identity fraud, ranging from individuals to families with kids. Credit card fraud is one of the more frequent methods of taking someone’s identity and running away with it.

Credit Card Theft And Your Habits

A credit card is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure you don’t sink into debt, you also need to make sure you don’t release your information to malicious parties. A little over 15% of all identity theft fraud cases that occurred the previous year were listed as a form of credit card fraud. Sometimes people will outright nip your card from your wallet. Other times they’ll download your information online.

Common Mistakes You Can Make While Traveling

There are small steps you can take to keep yourself safe, particularly when moving from place to place. The first, and seemingly most obvious, is not to keep your wallet in your back pocket. As the saying goes: ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This is all too easy for pickpockets to swipe your disposable income and personal information in one go. It’s also important not to carry more than you need, as anything else can risk being snatched or spent prematurely.

Changes In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is always cycling through new changes and trends. The number of fashion consumers is expected to grow over one billion by 2020, according to recent census data, and the accessories market is doing particularly well. The majority of new fashion consumers hover between the age groups 15 to 25, with 25 to 35 following close behind. A carbon fiber wallet can fit just about any style. Minimalist or old-fashioned, everyone can stand to benefit from some function.

Choosing The Best Wallet For Your Lifestyle

There’s always a better, and more stylish, way to go about things. A carbon fiber wallet is both durable against the elements and a smart size to stay snug in your pocket or bag. Minimalist wallets that hold cash are much easier than some of today’s fancy, cumbersome models, often designed with fashion over function. According to a study by Nosto, nearly 45% of consumer purchases have been made because of the influence of personalized brands. Then again, it could just be practicality that has you seeking out a brown carbon fiber wallet for your workweek.

Keep your money safe. See how an ultra slim wallet or carbon fiber wallet can protect your hard work and state of mind.