Fashion has always been important here in the United States, this is certainly a true statement. Fashion has been used in many different ways, from self expression to political statements. Many people nowadays like their fashion, the way that they dress and present themselves, to be an expression of who they are as people. For many people, fashion is all about showing who they really are, both inside and out.

But fashion is also an important advertising tool. After all, advertising is everywhere – especially here in the United States. From billboards to commercials to the signage seen in the stores and other such retail locations themselves, you simply cannot escape it. In fact, the average person will see as many as 3,000 different ads of varying types over the course of just one single day – and some people will likely see even more than that (as much of it depends on things like location and the population density of the area).

But what many people do not realize is that advertising is common on various articles of clothing as well. In fact, this is very much the case and a fact that is proven by the data that has been gathered on the subject and the statistics that have been generated surrounding it in recent years. And such advertising can be found on all different types of apparel, from personalized woven patches like custom patches for jackets to t shirt design to even embroidered labels and silkscreen bags.

In fact, bags with brands printed on them are so popular nowadays the up to 30% – if not more – of all people in the United States have some variety of promotional bag. These promotional bags are often given away with other purchases or even just handed out at special events, such as for charities or various retail establishments. Many people continue to reuse the bags – especially if they are of a particularly high quality – and repurpose them for many things, from day trips to grocery bags and beyond. But simply using the bag that carries a promotional message and bringing it with you to public places means that you are doing your part, so to speak, to advertise the brand that is in question, the brand printed on the bag.

And these bags are quite effective and widely used among the more than half of all people who use promotional items on a regular basis, as often as at least once throughout the week, if not even more frequently than that. In fact, bags generate as many as 6,000 individual impressions on a regular basis, making printed bags and the like more effective as a tool of advertising than nearly any other form of promotional wear. But just because bags are the most prominent does not mean that other promotional materials are not important, of course.

In addition to these promotional bags, often made through the use of screen printing, custom patches for jackets are often ideal from a promotional standpoint. For while custom patches for jackets are designed, of course, for jackets, these custom patches for jackets can also be put on just about any other type of fabric as well. But in places where the weather often turns cold, custom patches for jackets are more than ideal, as people will wear these jackets – and the custom patches for jackets, as an extension – nearly all of the time.

And even aside from custom patches for jackets, t shirts too can be used quite effectively. After all, t shirts are largely popular among children and adults alike in the United States. In fact, more than 60% of all adults alone have at least 10 t shirts of different designs, if not even more than that (and some people really do have considerably more). And even people who don’t have the full ten t shirts likely have at least some. And these t shirts, when worn about and out in public, often serve as a great tool of advertising to everyone that the person who wears them comes into contact with.