Hair extensions industry

How many hairstyles would you guess that the average woman has in her lifetime?

It might surprise you to learn that the number is 104. But maybe we just don’t think about the subject much. In a five decade span of time, that’s only about two per year.

It’s very common for women to change hairstyles or hair color simply because they’re bored with how they look. One study reported 44% of respondents giving that reason, while 61% said they just wanted a change.

There are more than 660,000 hair stylists in the United States. And a growing number of them are learning the skill of doing hair extensions. Just in the last two years, the number of hair salons offering that option has grown by more than 28%. A professional stylist will regularly seek training to become familiar with the very newest techniques.

Changing hairstyles is a very big deal for a woman, and her relationship with a trusted stylist may help to determine what she decides to do. First of all, is she trying to conform or does she want to make a dramatic statement of individuality?

Some factors that enter into consideration include physical attributes, such as face and head shape, plus the image she wants to convey and even her particular stylist’s view of her talent as being an art form.

A full-service hair salon should be able to provide cuts, coloring, perms, relaxers, weaves, extensions, curling and more.

Of course, each person’s hair has its own growth pattern, and one woman’s hair type is likely to be different from another’s. So the experienced stylist will automatically eliminate some options that would not be very flattering.

Another fact that may influence choice of style is that some 40% of women show signs of female pattern hair loss by the time they turn 40. That condition can be caused by genetics, changes in hormone balance, nutrition, radical dieting, or certain medical conditions and medications.

Whether it’s for a regular cut or something new and dramatic, a trip to the hair salon can make a difference in both the way a woman feels about herself and how she’s viewed by others.