36 inch sparklers

Weddings are times of great celebration, meaning that the receptions that follow the ceremonies are traditionally full of entertainment, dancing, good food and jovial spirits. A great addition to any wedding celebration would be sparklers. What better way to celebrate a happy union than by allowing guests to celebrate with wedding sparklers? While they may not be all that well known yet, wedding sparklers are quickly wriggling their way into the wedding scene.

Some couples chose to use sparklers not at the reception, but during the ceremony or send-off. When trying to figure out how many sparklers to have on hand, a good rule of thumb should be to provide enough for about 75% of guests who showed up to the ceremony. This is a good way to make sure that there will be plenty of sparklers on hand for everyone to have one or more. Considering that a typical sparkler only lasts about 45 seconds, the more sparklers on hand, the better. And to make wedding planning easier, happy couples can easily buy sparklers online ahead of time.

No matter what part of the wedding sparklers are being used, couples typically will have three different sizes and burn times to pick from. There are 10 and 20 inch sparklers that have a burn time of about two and a half minutes, while the 36 inch sparklers can typically last up to four minutes. Such long lengths of sparklers are ideal for events like weddings, because they’re more cost effective. Because of the longer burn time, each guest should only need one sparkler.

That being said, wedding sparklers are different from the more classic, traditional sparklers many of us grew up with that were made up of stiff metal wire dipped in slow burning pyrotechnic composition. Because wedding sparklers are larger and burn for a longer period of time than traditional sparklers, it would be well advised to either only allow adults to handle the sparklers, or ensure that children are being properly supervised.

So for those looking for a unique wedding idea, it’s a great time to buy sparklers online. Give guests a celebration to remember and order your sparklers today!