When seeking a career that’s both for women and by women, you can’t go wrong in choosing a career in the fashion industry. Fashion is a core interest for most women and some men, even if it usually just involves selecting the right dress from a rack at the shopping mall in order to look fabulous at next week’s cocktail party. Even people who typically don’t seem to care much about their appearance take fashion into consideration when it comes down to upcoming occasions such as weddings. While the groom is busy selecting a gorgeous wedding ring and the ideal tuxedo, the bride is focused on finding the perfect dress. It’s fair to say that everyone benefits from fashion at some point in their lives.

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Rightfully Sewn is a charity based in Kansas that aims to create job opportunities for women in the fashion industry. They offer several different training programs that include seamstress training and public sewing and fashion design classes. The organization also offers scholarship opportunities for those who are interested in being trained in fashion design but cannot afford tuition for classes.

Rightfully Sewn hosts an annual Professional Fashion Development Seminar and their 2019 event which was located at the luxurious Kaufmann Center included two speakers from out of town, Katie Warner Johnson, CEO of Carbon 38, and Dr. Lauren Downing Peters of Columbia College in Chicago who is an expert in the design of plus size clothing.

Additionally, Rightfully Sewn hosts a fashion summer camp for middle and high school girls to teach them how to sew and how to develop their own brand in the world of fashion design.

Since the Women’s Suffrage Movement, career opportunities for women have vastly expanded and seamstresses have begun to be a thing of the past, however even though many women are now excelling in colleges and landing the corner offices in major corporations, some girls continue to be more concerned with their own appearance, their Barbie dolls, and the fashion magazines under their beds than they are about quantum physics. Other young girls come from underprivileged backgrounds and their parents can’t afford to send them to a traditional college. That’s why programs like Rightfully Sewn are so beneficial. They provide young women with the tools that they need to pursue their passion in life and can even help prevent some girls from going down the wrong path in life by providing them with invaluable skills that can assist them in launching a career that everyone benefits from.