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The American Cancer Society is a charity organization with a mission to free the world from cancer by funding cancer research, sharing expert information, spreading the word about cancer prevention, and supporting cancer patients. American Cancer Society has a discovery shop that helps keep the fight against cancer by selling quality, slightly used, and donated merchandise.

According to the video American Cancer Society Charity Jewelry Event, some of the jewelry sold include high-end finger rings jewelry, cup bracelets, male neck bracelets, hand bangles, earrings, female necklace, vintage jewelry, breast necklace, artwork, among many other collections

All these items are auctioned on eBay by bidding

How to purchase these items

To purchase these items on the American Cancer Society Charity Jewelry Event, you need to go and create an account on eBay and begin to bid

How to sign up for an eBay account

  • Go to the registration page
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Choose password
  • Click on create an account, agree, and accept the terms and conditions of the eBay user and privacy notice.
  • Go to your email account and click the link you will receive on your email from eBay to verify your account

After successful registration, log in to your account, and search for the product that you are interested in from the American Cancer Society Charity jeweler store on eBay, and bid on it

How to bid on eBay

After defining the item, you are interested in the American Cancer Society charity store on eBay, the next thing you need to do is to use either one of these method

Enter your maximum bid at any time during the auction and allow bidding to manage your bid; if you enter an amount more tremendous than all other bidders, you will win the offer or the auction.

You can also Snipe the auction; the term snipping the auction is usually used to describe swooping in at the auction at the last possible moments by making your bid the first right before the bid is closed.

The two methods are guaranteed to work if you work to be the maximum bidder.

Why purchase American Cancer Society items on eBay?

There several types of cancer, and none of them are cheap to treat, and it gets more and more expensive to treat depending on the stage of cancer. Cancer affects all sorts of people, from a child to an adult, the rich, and the poor.

Most of the poor people die to a lack of enough funds to continue with treatment. Luckily, the American Cancer Society helps these poor people to get treatment and also fund cancer research; so that we can have better medicines with fewer side effects for cancer treatments

Every coin you spend on the American Cancer Society discovery online shop allows the seller to donate their transaction to the charity.