There’s no doubt that the average person generates quite a bit of trash. Statistics show that the average person generates almost five pounds of trash each day. However, not everything that is thrown out should be considered trash. In fact, nearly 12 million tons of clothing and other types of textile waste is tossed out throughout the United States each year. Unfortunately, this waste could have gone to help those who are in need. If you’re considering donating items from your home, you’ll want to consider used clothing pick up services. Considering that, here is how to complete a charity pick up in four easy steps.

  1. Gather the Items You Want to Donate

    The most important step is gathering the items you want to donate. Most charities will accept both household and clothing donations. That being said, it’s wise to consider contacting the charity you’re wanting to donate to. Doing this helps to ensure that you’re donating items which will all be accepted. After this, you’ll simply need to begin collecting the items you want to donate. It’s generally best to place your donated items in boxes or bags. In turn, this allows organizations that pick up donations to have an easy time collecting your items.
  2. Schedule a Convenient Pickup Date and Time

    After you have your charitable donations ready, it’s time to schedule a pick up. In most cases, you’ll have a few options regarding how to complete this task. Most charitable organizations will allow you to schedule pick ups by phone or online.
  3. Wait for Workers to Visit Your Home

    Now, it’s simply time to wait for your items to be collected. Workers will generally arrive in a large truck, especially if you have a lot of items to donate. In most cases, charities will want you to place your donated items in your driveway.
  4. Donate Your Items and Collect the Receipts

    You’ll want to know that most charitable donations are tax deductible. However, it’s highly likely that the IRS will want to see receipts for these donations. This is especially true if you’re donating many items or those of high value. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that you collect a receipt for your donations.

In closing, there are only a few steps needed to complete a charity pick up. This option of donation collecting is often easier for those who are unable to leave their respective homes. Working with a used clothing pick up service ensures your unwanted items are put to good use. In fact, nearly 80% of donated clothing throughout the United States is used by charities for both donation and funding purposes. If you’re ready to clean up your home while helping others, contact a used clothing pick up service right away.