Many reporters in the entertainment industry are focusing on who will play the next James Bond. Since the release of Dr. No in 1962, moviegoers have been entertained by the adventures of this fictional spy. For over 50 years, James Bond has been played by numerous actors. Unfortunately, there have been no African American actors who have ever played this role. In this post, you’ll learn the most current news regarding Idris Elba’s continued quest to obtain this role.

The Search for a New James Bond

Daniel Craig, the actor who played this role for years, announced that he won’t be playing James Bond again. Considering that, many people rightly felt that it was time for an African American to play the role of James Bond. Statistics show that African Americans currently make up about 15% of the population throughout the United States. While several African American star’s names were tossed around, the majority of commenters agreed that Idris Elba would do this iconic role justice. Many black celebrity news websites were quick to support this wise idea.

It looked like the history of white James Bond actors was going to change, thanks to the help of Idris Elba. Fans of black celebrity news will probably recognize this name. Idris Elba is an African American actor who has played roles in many popular television shows including The Wire, Luther, and many others. Throughout many of his roles, Idris Elba has been known to play a leading man who’s always ready for a fight. Therefore, many people were quick to begin petitioning that Idris Elba should be the next James Bond.

Elba Confirms the Sad News

It didn’t take long before many fans took to social media and black celebrity news websites in support of Idris Elba playing this role. Even Elba himself was quick to support the idea on his various social media accounts. For a short time, the world of black celebrity news became entirely focused in support of Elba as the next James Bond. Unfortunately, Elba was quick to put an official statement on one of his social media accounts. In this statement, he announced that he will not be playing James Bond in the future. Almost immediately after Elba made his announcement, another shocking event happened.

A New Director Gives Fans Hope

Fans of both James Bond and Idris Elba were shocked to hear the director of recent Bond hits, Danny Boyle, announce that he would not be working on this latest installment. In turn, the world of entertainment news began speculating on who would take over this role. It’s unknown why Danny Boyle stepped down from his position as director for these films. That being said, many were quick to speculate that it could have something to do with Elba being unable to play James Bond.

Recently, it was announced that director Cary Fukunaga would be the new director for the newest installment in the James Bond film franchise. After learning this, many people began to wonder whether or not Elba would be mentioned for the lead role. To the surprise and delight of many, Fukunaga noted that he was completely open to Idris Elba playing the lead role of James Bond.

In closing, it appears that Idris Elba might again be in talks to play James Bond. While many fans were clamoring to see Elba in this role, his recent tweet denied he would play this part. Soon after Elba’s tweet, Danny Boyle announced he wouldn’t be directing the newest Bond film. Currently, Cary Fukunaga is set to direct the latest James Bond feature. Confusing fans further, Fukunaga announced that he supports and wants to see Idris Elba play James Bond. As of this writing, Elba has yet to release a new statement based on Fukunaga’s recent announcement. Statistics gathered from a 2011 Harvard Business School study found that a big name endorser can boost company sales by $10 million per year. Considering that, many people feel that letting Elba play the next Bond could greatly improve the popularity of this film franchise.