Congratulations! Your partner proposed- something you’ve been waiting for your entire life. This is a momentous occasion! You tell your family, friends, and you display the happy engagement on various social media platforms. As the posts gain like after like, and comment after comment, you can’t help but become awestruck at your engagement ring. In fact, it’s possible that it’s made out of gold or diamonds, because three out of four brides receive one of these engagement rings. Days pass and you constantly stare at your engagement ring on your finger. It’s beautiful. You don’t want anything to happen to it. But, what happens when something happens to your engagement ring, and you need jewelry repair? Here’s all you need to know.

It is important to note that jewelry repair is a delicate process that should be taken seriously. Your engagement ring is of sentimental value and financial value. With that said, whomever takes on the task of jewelry repair should have the proper experience so they can care for your piece efficiently.

Types Of Engagement Ring Repairs

Resizing: There are various reasons why your engagement ring will need repair. Sometimes, you do not even notice it immediately. This is true for the most common type of jewelry repair, resizing. Although your partner ensures that he or she has done all the research on your ring size (and has chosen the correct size), your engagement ring my still need to be resized. There are two types of resizing, one for a loose ring and one for a tight ring.

Your weight naturally fluctuates which affects the size of your fingers. If you’re losing weight in order to fit into your perfect wedding dress, your fingers will change. You’ll essentially have more space between your finger and the ring. A loose ring has many different effects. First, a loose ring is an annoyance because your ring could possibly twirl around your finger constantly. It doesn’t stay still or straight. Additionally, your engagement ring could get hooked on materials or small obstacles, which can cause damage to the diamonds in your ring. Your engagement ring can become scratched, or you can lose a diamond. Lastly, and most importantly, you can lose your engagement ring! This is every bride’s greatest fear. The extra space between your finger and your ring can cause the ring to easily slip off your finger. Before you know it, you’re not sure where your ring could possibly be! Therefore, it’s imperative that you take your ring for jewelry repair.

It is important to note that if your ring is too loose, you may want to consider adding a spacer before anything else. A spacer is a small piece of plastic or metal that attaches discreetly to the interior of the band and effectively decreases the size without permanent changes. This solution is beneficial if you feel that your weight may fluctuate and rise again.

Stone Repair: If your engagement ring contains diamonds or gems, you may possibly need jewelry repair over time. Although diamonds are a hard substance they can still be damaged. For gemstones, they’re more commonly damaged because they are made of softer stones. But, fear not! Most damage done to diamonds and some gemstones are very minor. More often than not, the damage is light scratches or small chips. This damage can be easily polished away!

If you have a gemstone engagement ring, they can experience serious damage compared to higher quality stones (diamonds). Some gemstones can fracture or split. When this occurs, you’ll need jewelry repair. These fractures and splits can be repaired with filling or coating treatments. In some cases, the gemstone may need to be replaced completely.

Setting Repairs: The setting of an engagement ring is frequently damaged. Most settings are prone to twisting, warping, or shifting that can loosen the stones. If your jewelry repair is minor, the setting can be repositioned to provide a secure fit. If your repair is major, the setting can be replaced entirely. A jeweler can repair your setting by adding thicker prongs or more durable metal.