For brides, planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting moments and experiences in their lives. Some have dream boards. Some have vision boards. Some have plans they created when they were six years old. Regardless of the method, brides wait for this moment and when it finally arrives they are so ready to begin planning. However, what happens when wedding planning isn’t exactly how you imagined? In fact, 50% of brides find that planning their wedding is extremely stressful. To add to that, 63% of brides expressed that they feel immense pressure to have the perfect wedding. Lastly, some fear that their perfect wedding will never occur. Fear not, dear brides! Here are some wedding trends that may give you your perfect wedding.

Simple Or Classic Wedding Dresses

Many brides spend a lot of money on their wedding dress. In actuality, it could be more than you’ll ever spend on attire in your lifetime! Additionally, this is a dress you’ll only wear once. Purchasing a simple or classic wedding dress will not only be less expensive, but any bride will look stunning in a classic dress. Think simple designs, a silhouette fitting dress for your body shape, and clean lines. Think Meghan Markle and her simple bracelet sleeved, bateau-necked gown. You can even find some replicas online. You’ll be a modern day princess with this wedding trend!

Flowers vs. Foliage?

Some brides believe that “the bigger the better” is the motto to live by. They even include this when it comes to the flowers they choose that decorate wedding spaces. Elegant flowers hang or wrap around chairs, potted flowers rest next to chairs, and elegant, enormous flowers are pieced together for the arbor. However, the wedding trend is now all about going green! Brides are now intertwining flowers and foliage. Their decorative pieces include organic and lush flowers and foliage. It will give your wedding a natural and romantic feel!

Bye, Bye Bubbles And Bird Seed

The newest trend is colorful confetti! Once you say “I Do!” you and your partner will be covered in colorful confetti! Not only is this fun and whimsical, but it also makes for the picture perfect moment!

Low Centerpieces On Banquet Tables

During the wedding reception, some guests experience uncomfortable moments at their designated table. This is because they can’t see their friends sitting across from them. How can they engage in a proper conversation? How can they have a good time with their table buddies? Now, more and more weddings are using banquet tables instead of round tables at their reception. Additionally, they are using low centerpieces instead of the tall ones. This way guests can see and talk with one another. More importantly, the bride and groom can sit at this table so they don’t feel like they’re the center of attention. Instead, they can interact with all of their guests easily.


Committing to a wedding venue can be confusing and complicated. There are so many different types of wedding venues. There are banquet spaces, a seminar venue, or party venues. Banquet spaces still exist as a wedding trend, and have been for many, many years. These spaces are ideal for weddings because they accommodate many guests for the reception. Additionally, the trend of using banquet tables as opposed to round tables during a reception, matches with this venue. If you desire a more traditional wedding, banquet spaces are a great choice for your perfect wedding.

Seminar venues are the next venues for weddings. Seminar venues are exactly what they sound like. They’re venues that individuals typically use for seminars (business seminars, teaching seminars, work functions etc). Seminar venues can be hotels which give your wedding an elegant feel. If you want an elegant wedding, seminar venues may be perfect for your wedding.

Lastly, there are party venues. Since the beginning of 2019, one wedding trend has really stood out among the rest. We are seeing more weddings take on a party feel as opposed to a traditional structure. If you want your perfect wedding to have a party feel party venues are perfect for you!