The 2020 holidays are just around the corner. The holiday spirit encompasses lots of parties, traditions, and gift-giving. Finding the perfect gift for the people in your life can be stressful – which is why we made this unique holiday gift ideas guide to help you track the ideal present for everyone in your life.

Held right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday provides an excellent opportunity to source items for your gift exchange during the winter holiday season. Excited buyers flock to retailer shops to enjoy steep discounts on just about everything. During Black Friday Sales, retailers may mark their merchandise up to 70% off on some products.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may need to figure out what to get your friends, family, or even colleagues. It is not too early to set your mind on an amazing gift to surprise them with. Here are some options to fancy your mind and inspire you.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gamer

If you are not a gamer, it may feel next to impossible to find the right present for the gamers in your life. For most people, the latest gadgets are usually a safe bet. For this year, you can opt to pre-order an Xbox Series X or, for a Sony PlayStation fan, the PS5.

Gaming consoles might be a tricky bet to undertake. However, you may decide to surprise them with retro-consoles that will give them a blast from the past. How about you order a PlayStation Classic for them with 20 pre-loaded games? Or perhaps a Nintendo NES Classic? An Arcade game machine can also be an excellent gift for loved ones that prefer 8-bit pixelation.

Other amazingly unique holiday gift ideas for gamers in your life are gaming chairs. The ergonomic sets will protect their backs as they relax on their luxurious gaming throne. The audiophile speakers all around the seat will provide for a more immersive experience. A VR gaming headset such as the Oculus Quest 2 can also do the trick.

Every avid gamer can tell you that an online gaming server is a vital infrastructure for a smooth, lag-free experience. Your cousin may appreciate it much when you pay a subscription for cloud-based hosting for their gaming needs. You can also spice it up with a themed wireless keyboard and mouse. How about a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to alleviate their visual fatigue?

You can also give your gamer cousin a gaming gift card. They can use the redeemable gift card to buy a variety of downloadable games, renew a subscription, and game add-ons. You can opt for a card for the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Xbox Store, or the Nintendo eShop.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast

There is always a new tool to add to the camping inventory for a friend who loves to explore nature. You may not have to stress out yourself as a warm, stylish jacket may be a great place to start. You can also prevent the cold from getting in their way by gifting them with a throw blanket.

You are lost for options when it comes to boating and fishing enthusiasts. Your friend may appreciate boating accessories such as an inflatable kayak, waterproof dry bag, hand-held fish finder, or a bar of sweet-smelling sea soap. A live bait cooler can be a perfect gift for your Dad, who enjoys fly-fishing.

You can also buy them a pair of hiking boots. Find out their shoe size and buy them a pair of shoes that will give them the grip as they hike near the neck of the woods. A solar-charging lamp can also come in handy for hikers and campers.

Injuries out in the wild are quite common, and your brother who enjoys camping might appreciate an adventure medical kit. How about a high-quality Smokey t-shirt made from soft cotton fabric? An outdoor tripod stand can also be a great gift for nature photographers who wish to get the perfect trail shot.

A foldable camping rocking chair may be an essential item to help your outdoorsy friend relax after a long hike. They might also use it during soccer games, picnics, or place it in their backyard. Your camper friend may also appreciate a propane stove that will help them prepare breakfast eggs and sausages for all on the campsite.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Pet Parent

Everyone has that one friend that treats their dog as their child or their best friend. If you have a pet-obsessed buddy, you may have trouble sourcing the perfect gift for them. You may have to rethink your strategy and include a presentation that will also benefit their animal companion.

Most people prefer to go with a matching set of hoodies for the pet owner and their dog. The couple matching outfit makes a perfect present for the dog lover. You can also get their pet a puppy jacket or jumpsuit to keep them warm during the frigidly-cold winter months.

You can also give them a gift certificate for the dog behavior training program. Through positive reinforcement techniques, the furry friend can be socialized and trained to maintain their behaviors.

You can add a personalized touch to your unique holiday gift ideas by getting them pet care supplies. A discounted coupon or gift certificate to a pet care store can do the trick. You can also get them a pet camera for the ultra-busy pet lover. A camera with 1080p HD live-stream capabilities can enable them to track what the pet is up to throughout the day.

You can go with a bespoke painting for their favorite pet that they can hang on their bedroom wall. Pet-related books are also a popular option. Novel titles such as ‘My Life in a Cat House’ and ‘Homer and the Holiday Miracle’ can be a great addition to the cat owner who enjoys reading.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lover

Creative gifts can be the perfect ensemble for your friend, who is all about aesthetics. There is a wide selection of stylish, expressive, artistic accessories that can help them maintain their chic look. Most people feel safer with jewelry options, opting to buy necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

You can also opt for a simple jewelry tray that they can use to store the diamonds in their drawers. For the fashion-obsessed man in your life, you can opt for simple cufflinks. Cufflinks for men are classic and class gifts that can add style to the outfit. Cufflinks come in different designs and styles, with some decorated with precious stones for a more sophisticated look.

Get your girl a lipstick set that will boost their confidence as well as protect their lips. You can also inquire about their favorite makeup kit and decide to splurge on it. For the friend with sensitive, itchy skin, you may gift them with an all-natural hair shampoo.

Make the fashion lover stylish by day and chic by night by getting them a cool pair of silk pajamas. How about a neck scarf for your ever-traveling friend to keep them warm during those cold commutes. A simple oversized knitted sweater can also show that you care.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Creative

You most likely got a few artistic people on your gift-giving list. You may need to think of a sentimental item to offer them over the holidays. Here are some unique holiday gift ideas that you can use to get a present for your creative folks.

Your artistic friend may appreciate a new espresso machine. The coffee maker may make it easy to brew their favorite dark beverage. You can keep your sister caffeinated and rejuvenated as they finish their latest projects.

You can decide to buy a simple blank notebook. Every creative requires a space to scribble, draw, or note down ideas before they fade away. A paper notebook can enable them to doodle their thoughts. You can take it a notch higher by opting for a waterproof writing pad. Most artists say they get the best inspirations while in the shower. A waterproof writing pad allows them to jot down those amazing ideas before they disappear.

If your friend is a tech-creative, you can get them an iPad pro. With an Apple pencil at hand, they can use the interactive machine to sketch, doodle, design, and photo-edit their different projects. The TrueDepth camera will enable them to connect with their friends and clients using FaceTime and Skype.

You can also toy with their creative mind by buying them a Lego-classic set. A wall-mounted sharpener can keep their pencils and colored pencils on point, ready for the next sketch. Noise-canceling headphones can keep them focused during their never-ending creative spells.

There are a variety of books available that you can buy to keep their creative juices flowing. “Creativity Inc.,” “War of Art,” “Creative Calling,” and “How to Be Creative: A Little Book of Everyday Inspiration” are excellent choices. You can also pay for music classes to help them hone their piano skills.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the DIYer

Your gift-giving list may also have the Mr. or Ms. Fix-It-All, who is always ready to make everything from scratch. What can you get for the brother that stays holed up in their workshop all night? How about an engraved hammer with a special message to him? Perhaps you can enroll them for hobby welding classes to help them hone their skills.

You can opt for a piece drill bits kit for their workshop. You can take a trip to the hardware store and check for the available set. The drill bits come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit different projects. You can have your loved one smiling with a special kit from Dewalt.

Every DIYer needs to maintain a clean space within their workshop. A compact, lightweight power vacuum can get rid of both wet and dry dirt, allowing them to maintain cleanliness within their workspace. Your handy neighbor may also appreciate a cordless fan that they can utilize when there is no A/C. Whether free-standing, mounted, or hang, the fan can help keep them cool during the hot summer months in their workshop.

A Leatherman multi-tool set is another excellent gift you can give. It combines 21 tools, such as pliers, openers, cutters, and screwdrivers packed in a tight body. You can also get them a new toolbox. The odds are that they already have one. However, it doesn’t mean they will not be open to an upgrade to a portable box that can comfortably hold all their tools.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Freak

We all know that one person that is always into the latest fitness craze. They usually know what they want, and on many occasions, they already have it. Shopping for them then becomes a headache as it may be challenging to envision what they might like.

Experts advise that a person should aim to drink at least half an ounce of liquid daily for each pound of their weight. You can ensure your friend stays hydrated throughout their workout session by getting them a stainless steel water bottle. You can also opt for a smart water bottle that can track their water intake, ensuring they keep up with their hydration goals.

You can find out their shoe size and gift them with a pair of lightweight running shoes. A smartphone armband can help them carry their cell phone for every step of their fitness journey. You can also get them a new gym duffle bag that will fit everything they might need during their workouts.

You can also get them the Nutribullet blender to make nutrient-packed smoothies for a healthier lifestyle. What about a pair of wireless headphones that can help them push themselves harder for every workout? The fitness fanatic may also love a workout journal that they can use to document their progress.

Gift giving is an age-old American tradition during the winter holidays. You can use this guide to find unique holiday gift ideas for appreciating your family and friends. Remember, it is the gift that counts, not its monetary value.