Organic mattresses

In 2003 fifty five million pounds of pesticides were sprayed onto 12.8 million acres of cotton, according to the Organic Trade Association. Reading that kind of makes you want to strip down right now, right? The thought of wearing pesticides is pretty horrifying considering that they are just as bad to ingest as they are to be rubbing up against your skin all day. Not only wearing that cotton, but sleeping on it, too? To avoid that icky feeling of pesticides all over you, sleeping on organic bedding sheets can definitely help.

Sleeping on organic mattresses can help couples and families sleep better just knowing that they do not have dangerous pesticides all over them. As a healthier option, organic sheets can really benefit just about anybody. By sleeping on organic bedding sheets, consumers can sleep peacefully knowing that they are staying safe and also helping the environment.

The safe development of infants and small children is crucial to their adult life. Letting your baby sleep on bedding that is not organic might end up affecting his or her adult life. Giving your little ones organic bedding sheets can help keep them safe while they sleep soundly in an organic crib.