Quirky gifts

Geology, or the study of the creation of rocks and their existence, gives us ideas about what life was like on Earth thousands of years ago, helping us to better understand the world in which we live. Stones and rocks, including metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous types, are big components of the rocks that make up the study of geology. Ever since the Americas’ first discovery of a stick figure man with a large phallus was named the earliest rock carving, people have been using rocks and stones to engrave images on, either to serve as memorials or to give as gifts.

While these rocks sometimes serve as silly gift ideas, like when Pet Rocks were insanely popular during the 1970s after an ad executive tired of hearing about his friends’ problems with their own pets developed the idea. Today, they are more about sentimental ways to show affection. Today, engraved rocks and anniversary stones make excellent gifts, and engraved stones in general are ideal for awards and for trophies too.

These custom engraved stones, anniversary stones and dog memorial stones make ideal gifts for different occasions. The first and second types of stones, for instance, could be housewarming and anniversary gifts, respectively, while the third could be a nice way to memorialize a lost pet. These anniversary stones and others also make awesome garden art ideas and are fantastic solutions as quirky gifts. The people giving out these stones are giving unique gifts in most cases.
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